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Green Moving to Maryland

With an upcoming move to Maryland, there’s probably a lot on your plate to handle. For example, you might book Maryland movers for a stress-free move into your new home, or you need to go through a list of important places with whom you must change your address. Either way, if you’re environmentally-conscious, you’re also trying to figure out how to have a “green move.” It can be difficult as moving creates an immense amount of trash and leaves a carbon footprint between Points A and B. According to The Atlantic, the average American tends to move more than 11 times, [1] so it comes as no surprise that moving can have a negative impact on the environment. So, how to relocate without harming the environment? Our Maryland movers are happy to discuss more about green moving to Maryland.


Declutter & Donate

If you want to do green moving to Maryland right, start by decluttering to decrease your moving load. The more junk you bring with you to the new home, the more packing material needed. Begin clearing out closets, pantries, and the space under the beds to gather any useless junk you no longer want. For anything salvageable, donate to charities like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army to give back to those in need. Visit your local recycling center to dispose of all other junk properly.

Options for Boxes

Sure, you may need boxes to pack specific items, but everything that needs to be transported to Maryland does not have to be packed in boxes. There are many alternative options laying around your house if you get creative. The following can be considered packing box alternatives:

- Plastic bins


- Duffel bags

Dresser drawers

Reusable grocery bags

Once you’ve found these items, there are different methods you can use to pack your valuables in these boxing options. For instance, you can line the inside of your trash bin with a fresh garbage bag to store items from the medicine cabinet and under the sink. Bonus, you’ll definitely know where the cleaning products are after you move in so you can freshen up the new house before unpacking.

Maryland Packing Services

If you’re not able to find packing box alternatives or if packing alone is too tedious a task to handle, our Maryland packing services are always here to help. With green moving to Maryland in mind, our professional movers use eco-friendly moving materials to guarantee your move won’t negatively affect the environment.

Green Moving to Maryland with Our Trusted Movers

For an environment-conscious move, make sure to contact our eco-friendly moving company in Maryland. We provide an array of top-notch relocation services that are sure to not negatively impact the environment. With over two decades in the relocation industry, our green movers have helped families and businesses move across the country, therefore, you can put your full trust in us. Don’t wait! Call 410-505-4410 for your free, no-obligation quote today. Happy green moving!



[1] The Atlantic – Why Do Americans Move So Much More Than Europeans?