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Sharpie Parties Invade Foreclosures

There's a new trend hitting the real estate market. We went from flipping houses to foreclosures to short sales and now, sharpie parties. The local Maryland movers learned about the newest way to impact housing in this country, where big numbers of people that are ready to party come equipped with sharpie markers. Partyers hear about the location through social media websites such as Facebook and show up to wreak havoc on foreclosed homes. The boarded homes, desperate lawns and abandons streets are the perfect environment for these home-trashing parties. The local Maryland moving specialists found out that there were at least six sharpie parties reported in California in the last few months, with online invitations luring all the partiers.

Once the partygoers get to the foreclosed home location, they're handed out sharpies and encouraged to graffiti the walls, sometimes even smash them and make holes in the structure. All My Sons of Maryland found out that in some of the parties, people are flooding bathrooms and ripping up floors. Teenagers also destroyed properties in Texas, Florida and Utah. The social media sites make it very easy for everyone to track where the parties are taking place. There are over 100 people showing up to these parties, sometimes alcohol is also served. Sharpie parties include broken glass, lots of garbage and just wreckage.

The local Maryland movers learned there were even search warrants attributed to Facebook accounts relating to these sharpie parties as well as arrests on suspicion of felony vandalism, burglary and conspiracy. Some are saying the sharpie parties are a growing fad, so it's only going to get worst. Some parties include shot arrows through the wall.

The local Maryland movers are just reminding you to be careful of the foreclosed homes you're choosing to purchase, make sure you fully examine them since these sharpie parties might come to the neighborhood you're looking to buy. Although most vandalism done during these wreckage parties, there might be a few things that aren't visible. Don't forget, should you need to move, call the local Maryland movers for professional moving services at a great price.