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Don’t Forget These Items While You Move

Moving can be a stressful time. There’s all the planning, finding a professional moving company to work with, packing and so many more responsibility. It’s no wonder many people who move forget things around the house, sometimes leaving valuable things behind, other times having to make the trip back to their old place weeks later.

Records and important documents are often left behind including medical information, dental records, even documents regarding pets’ health, marriage certificates, diplomas and more. If you don’t remember that you left these behind, it can be really hard to get those again. Sometimes you’ll need a notarized letter or some other official authority to help you.

Hidden valuables are sometimes left behind too. They are so well hidden that homeowners either don’t remember where they are or they don’t even remember ever hiding them because they’re not in use. So make sure to collect everything or even better, place your valuables in a safety deposit box so you know where they are and you’re the only one that has access to them.

Spare keys are something forgotten too. Whether you’re keys are spread across a few family members or friends or maybe they’re even around the house, you should give the new tenant or homeowner all of the keys. Since you don’t or won’t be living in that space anymore it’s important they have the keys. If your place had a garage, then don’t forget to also give the new people that moved in the clicker.

The local Maryland movers also remind you to pick up all of the left over items you might have in the stores around you. This is especially important if you’re moving further away. You don’t want to be making extra trips especially if you can avoid it. Think about any package you might have to pick up at the post office. Think about clothing left at the dry cleaners or a pair of shoes at the shoemaker. What about the video store or even an item you borrowed from a neighbor or a friend that lives close by.

Before closing the door behind you and being on your way to getting settled in your new home, give the old one a very good check up. Walk into every room, verify the cabinets and drawers, and search under every corner. The Maryland movers suggest you even have a friend help you for an extra pair of eyes, because you might overlook something.