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Empty Out Your Pantry Before You Move

There’s more to moving than just packing and labeling moving boxes. Moving is big task to undertake and sometimes isn’t too pleasant. Besides the general expenses of a move, you can try to not add any extra costs by making sure you eat the food you have around the house so that it won’t go to waste and you won’t be paying for takeout dinners, fast food runs and pizza deliveries. Try to use up the food in the month or so before your moving day. A good place to start is to know what you have. Look in the freezer, pantry, refrigerator and anywhere else you have food.

Once you know what you have, you can plan around that. Try to make your future meals with ingredients you already have. Focus on your perishable goods and freezer items. If you have children, try to make their lunches for school instead of having them buy it at the cafeteria. That will use up the food.

You’ll probably still go grocery shopping, but make sure you go with a list so you don’t get persuaded while you’re in the aisles. You’ll probably buy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as little things here and there. But you’ll find the bulk of your meals, at home. And speaking of bulk, don’t buy in large quantities. There’s no need for a gallon of vegetable oil, buy something small that you can finish before moving day. Stay away from condiments, flour and things you probably won’t use while you’re in the midst of a move.

If you’re still left with many foods that you won’t take with you to the newer home, go to your local food back and donate the food to those who need it. You’ll do a great deed and it will helps you with your move. If you find that your freezer is filled with homemade goods like cream pies, jams or even pre-made dinners, you might want to give it away to close friends and family.

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