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Great Movers Can Make it easier on You

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, moving is a hassle. Is there really anything more labor intensive and tedious than moving? When I learnt that my family had to relocate because my husband got transferred at work because of a promotion, I had mixed feelings about it. We were living comfortably in a home I love in Maryland and now had to move to Washington D.C. and all I can have are mental pictures of moving boxes everywhere, bubble wrapped furniture and chaos in the house. Of course, I hid all that and congratulated my husband for the promotion.

We had so much to think about, sell our three-bedroom home in our Maryland neighborhood, hire a realtor to help us look for a comfortable place in Washington D.C and get packing of course. That’s when I enlisted the help of my friend Bethany, she’s moved quite a few times and I felt she knew the movers by a first-name basis. She mentioned the All My Sons of Maryland moving specialists. She said they were really professional and would take care of the entire move for us. So I did a little research and found out so much information about them. I went online and read all about their moving services. What they can offer and the way they worked. It really seemed like a good idea to hire them. Plus, they offered to help getting moving boxes and boy did we need these boxes. My family accumulated so much stuff throughout the years in Maryland. Anyhow, I ended up taking my friend’s advice and hired the very affordable local Maryland moving services. The move was great thanks to their efforts. They kept reassuring us that everything would be okay and they stood by their word.

The move took the entire day, but I couldn’t say that I was the one working. My work was done as soon as I taped the last moving box. After that the local Maryland movers took over. They did an amazing job and really helped ease the stress on my family and the entire move. With the promotion, the moving and every other preparation in between, it was nice to have a professional moving company by our side, helping us transition to Washington D.C. Thank you All My Sons of Maryland. This testimonial was by Jacky L., Washington D.C.