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Distressed Homes and Its Effects

The real estate economy hasn’t been a good one for several years now. It has affected so many families, businesses, even the way we view the American dream of home ownership. Every day there are new reports posting the latest statistics on average home price tags, home inventory in various states, interest rates and the growing number of home foreclosures. The number of distressed homes is also increasing, affecting various communities across the nation.

The local Maryland movers remind you that one group of professionals that has been really affected due to the real estate environment is the home builders. The National Association of Home Builders says that one out of three builders are reporting to have lost signed contracts during the last six months due to home appraisals that are coming in at a lower number than the contract sales price. Home builders are saying that many times, the new homes they build are compared to the vacant distressed properties even though the newer ones have brand new appliances, all sorts of upgrades and other valuable differences.

The Maryland moving specialists found out that many home builders are not even trying to compete in this kind of real estate market anymore. However the NAHB’s viewpoint is that building new homes is key to economic recovery. Time and time again it has been reported that changes in the real estate market including home sales, new homes being built and so on offers more job opportunity and more businesses benefiting from the cash flow. All My Sons of Maryland found out that one hundred new homes built can equate three hundred fulltime jobs not to mention million dollars in tax revenue.

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