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4 Areas of Your Maryland Home You Should be Decorating for the Seasons

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, some people like to go extravagantly over the top, and others like to keep it simple. Regardless of whether you like flashy or simple chic, Maryland movers know that there are four areas of your home that you should be decorating for the seasons.

If you did not opt for the unpacking services of a full-service Maryland mover, you may already be flustered trying to think about how you can decorate your home for the holiday season when you have so much to unpack and get organized after your move to Maryland. However, with these simple decorating tips from All My Sons Moving & Storage Maryland, your home will never be missing the simple decorative accents that make your home welcoming for your family and guests.

Front Door:

Never neglect your front door when it comes time to decorate for the holidays. Simply purchasing one green wreath and decorating it according to whichever holiday it is will suffice. Or, pine cones work for the fall and winter seasons, while a wreath of flowers works for spring and summer.

Keeping a single pot with a tree that can withstand year round weather changes, or having a cluster of small pots filled with flowers by your front door step year round is also a simple way to make your front door and entryway appealing.

Front Hall:

Maryland movers suggest making the investment of a front hall table or foyer table if you have enough space in your home. You can pick up a table like this at a local garage sale, or even make one yourself out of an old door for the tabletop, and make the legs with wood purchased at a local hardware store. Add some candles to this table that have colors and scents that are useful year round. Get a clear glass vase and fill it with anything inexpensive and simple that pertains to that season.


If you moved to Maryland and your new home has a mantel, this is one area of your home that you should be decorating each season. Mantels are easy to keep decorated because most people place family photos there, along with some candles and a vase filled with seasonal flowers.

Dining Room Table:

The fourth area of your Maryland home you should be decorating for the seasons is your dining room table. Like the previously mentioned areas, the dining room table is easy to decorate and keep decorated year round. Maryland movers suggest purchasing seasonal table runners, a clear vase, and two candle holders. Switch the table runner each season, as well as fill the vase and candle holders with seasonal candles and flowers.


The Maryland movers at All My Sons want you to keep in mind that although this may sound like a lot, the trick is to purchase your home décor after that particular holiday is over, when everything is on sale. This way, you can have a seasonal set for fall, summer, and winter. Your spring set can be your summer set to make it easier on you. All items can be found at a local dollar store, thrift store, or garage sale. If you get smart about your home décor and keep the versatile pieces in place, decorating your Maryland home for the changing seasons becomes simple.