Rating 4.6

My Easy Commercial Move

I’m a chiropractor practicing in a little office in Baltimore and was interested in finding a bigger office with more space so it can be more comfortable for my employees and patients. I also wanted to have more organization throughout the office and more patient rooms for more privacy. So after enlisting the help of a realtor friend of mine who knows the Baltimore area pretty well, I finally found an office space that had many rooms, plus a nice reception area and a nice big office for myself where I envisioned I would keep all of my precious books and diplomas.
I held a little lunch meeting where I broke the news to my employees and luckily no one had a problem with moving. Apparently, they were secretly wishing we would get a bigger office.

We discussed the logistics of the actual move, how we would pack our delicate equipments, confidential files and altogether, our office equipment. We also talked about when moving day would be and our receptionist mentioned she knew of a great and professional moving company she’s worked with in the past when she moved from one apartment to another. So I checked out the Maryland movers website and learned all about All My Sons of Maryland. They did in fact do residential moves as well as commercial moves and long distance ones. They were backed by four generations of moving experiences and were part of a huge family of movers throughout the states. There, in fact, were other All My Sons Moving offices. This Maryland local moving company was licensed and insured which was perfect for my commercial move. I called them up and talked to a very nice person on the phone. She explained how the process works and by the end of that conversation I had booked the Maryland moving crew.

Moving day arrived and so did All My Sons of Maryland. They had an entire moving crew put together, the truck was lined up and ready to be loaded. I was there just to direct them and make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Which to tell you the truth, I almost didn’t have to be there. The Maryland movers have definitely done this before. They were very careful with our office equipment and made sure to load their truck properly so things wouldn’t shift here and there. The transferring of the equipment onto the truck went fairly fast, it was an all day move, but still the local Maryland movers finished by end of day. My office equipment, including desks, computers, printers, files, everything made it safely into our new commercial space. Dealing with such a professional moving company was a very smart thing to do. This testimonial was by Wilfred Lang, Baltimore, MD.