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Moving Back To School

Summer is coming to a close sooner than many would like, which means that college students will soon be moving back to campus in droves. With all the looming thoughts of class schedules, meeting new roommates, and buying school supplies, moving back to campus is probably the last thing students want to think about right now! Fortunately for college students living on campus though, moving back to school is one of the easiest relocation tasks in existence. 
The best method for the easiest move back to campus is to travel light. One advantage that many college students have is the free storage space available thanks to Mom and Dad! Leaving behind items which you don’t absolutely need is a smart way to move back to school. Not only do you avoid taking up extra space in your moving truck (or whatever vehicle you plan to use), you also stand to achieve much better organization in your new dorm by moving in with fewer belongings. For clothing, it is a smart move to wash all of your laundry prior to leaving home for school. Transporting your clean clothing in a wardrobe box so that your garments can travel on hangers is your best bet. Arriving clean and wrinkle-free, you’ll avoid having to do any laundry until you’ve had a chance to get settled in to the new pad. Cardboard moving boxes are ideal containers for all of your smaller items as they are very inexpensive (sometimes free!) and can be stored compactly in your closet or under your bed until the time comes to move again. 
When it comes to college students moving, theft is an unfortunate issue that must be kept in mind. As there are so many students moving in simultaneously, walking back and forth between the dorm and the countless vehicles packed full of belongings, thieves know that valuables such as televisions and computers are sure to be left unattended. During your move in to the new place, avoid theft by moving in your most valuable possessions first, and always lock your doors if items are going to be left unattended! A flawless move in to the new dorm is a great way to kick of the start of another successful semester! Enjoy summer while you still can, college students, and good luck with your move in and with the new semester!