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The Maryland Movers Present a Star's Home

We've all heard of his charming good looks, his stylish look and his happy demeanor but these days Mr. Pierce Brosnan has nothing to be happy about. According to HousingWatch.com, he dropped the price of his longtime home in Malibu, California by a whopping $400,000! The Irish-born Mr. Brosnan and his second wife Keely Shay Smith (his first wife died of cancer) have been living in the beautiful home for the past 15 years. They enjoyed spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, but they both decided that it was time to put the house on the market back in June 2010 at $3,900,000 and they of course dropped the price to $3,500,000 early December. Don't take out your handkerchief for Mr. James Bond just yet, seems like he bought the home back in October of 1996 out of foreclosure for $600,000.

The house is a modest one by celebrity standards. It has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The 3,412 square feet home does have incredible views and a nice private sitting area in the master suite. You can also take a nice long steam shower if that's what you're into and afterwards relax by the fireplace. The style of the home is a mix of Caribbean, Mediterranean and Tuscan influences, with a long driveway leading up to the home, which isn't far off from the traffic of Pacific Coast Highway according to HousingWatch.com.

Seems like even celebrities have no choice but to drop the prices of their homes in this difficult market. However, if you're in the market to buy a home, then you're in luck. As you can see, sellers are dropping their prices to attract more buyers such as yourself. They can't afford to leave a house on the market for too long because a house that doesn't sell quickly will simply have its price slashed again and again if the sellers are desperate to sell. It's important to take your time in today's buyer's market. You can get a great deal on a beautiful home if you look around and have patience. You, the buyer have the upper hand right now because those that are desperate to sell are going to keep lowering their prices to attract you, so take your time and keep your eyes and ears wide open. When you finally make the purchase of that stunning home or condo, make sure to contact the Maryland movers to help with your move. All My Sons of Maryland, your local Maryland moving company, is licensed and insured and is staffed with professionals so you know they can be trusted. If you want a great moving experience, make sure to call the Maryland movers.