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Buying a Second Home?

Property prices and mortgage interest rates are really low in this economy, so many Americans are allegedly looking to purchase second homes for vacationing. A lot of people are wondering if now is the right time to buy. Global financial services UBS ranked some of the most expensive cities in the world to help homeowners make informed decisions about buying a second home. This study is conducted every three years including 73 cities in the world. Because owning another home means a second set of expenses, All My Sons of Maryland it’s not just the mortgage that you’ll be trying to afford, its also the utilities bill, the moving expenses, the landscaping, the flying to the second location if it’s in a remote place, the repairs, maintenance and upgrade. Owning a second home doesn’t come cheap and depending where in the world you vacation home is situated, you might pay more than you think.

The world’s most expensive city according to this UBS study is Oslo, Norway followed by the Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva. If we were to include the rent is the study, than New York would be first followed by Geneva and Oslo. The lowest costly cities are Mumbai, India; Manila, Philippines and Bucharest, Romania. Some places, even though are costly, wouldn’t be that bad if you were to get a job there and move there permanently not just for vacationing. Because some of the highest wages are found in Zurich, Copenhagen, Denmark (fifth most expensive city), Geneva, Oslo and New York. So there’s more purchasing power in places like Zurich. The same goes for Sydney, Miami and Los Angeles. The lowest purchasing power are found to be in Jakarta, Indonesia; Nairobi, Kenya and Manila. MSN lists the top most expensive cities as Oslo, Zurich, Geneva, Tokyo, Copenhagen, New York, Stockholm, Toronto, Montreal and London.

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