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Best Maryland Towns to Move to

There’s no arguing the fact that having to use your Maryland movers adds stress to your life; between having to find a new home in a potentially new town, find a realtor, lock down a job, sell your old house, pack all of your belongings, and essentially start a new life, it’s no wonder that the whole ordeal can seem downright overwhelming.

That’s where your Maryland movers step in. Renowned for their excellent full-service moving services, All My Sons Maryland is more than qualified to take some (or most) of the burden of moving off of your shoulders. For starters, you no longer need to worry about figuring out which Maryland town is the best for you and your family, because we have got you covered.

Regardless of whether it’s a town named after the German capital, a town deemed the “crab cake capital of the world,” or a town with Maryland’s biggest body of water, your Maryland moving company has a list of the best Maryland towns to choose from.


Named after the German capital, this Berlin is nothing like its namesake. Filled with historic buildings, unique traditions (bathtub races, anyone?), and antique shops, it’s easy to see why Berlin makes the list of the best Maryland towns. Your Maryland movers make a point to tell newcomers about the town’s stunning architecture; after all, there is a reason why Runway Bride and Tuck Everlasting chose to film there. Must-eat foods include the fish tacos at the Drummer’s Café and the Chincoteague oysters at Leaky Pete’s. 


One of the best Maryland towns for water lovers, Crisfield is the southern-most town on the Chesapeake Bay. A waterman’s town through and through, Maryland movers frequently make the trip to Crisfield simply to enjoy lunch in the “crab cake capital of the world.” After getting your fill of crab cakes, there are plenty of options to explore, such as one of the many maritime museums, marsh sanctuaries, boat fishing, and daily hard crab derby races.


If you go to the west, then you will stumble upon another one of the best Maryland towns. In Oakland you can expect to find 54 foot waterfalls, gorgeous leaf colors, and Maryland’s biggest body of water, appropriately named Deep Creek Lake. From jet skiing, boating, and tubing, you will have no problem finding anything to do once All My Sons Maryland pulls away from your driveway. What draws the most people to this town is the annual week-long Autumn Glory Festival, which features concerts, exhibits, and parades.

Takoma Park.

Breaking the stereotype when it comes to DC suburbs, you will not find bumper to bumper traffic in Takoma Park. While this is enough to put Takoma Park on the list of the best Maryland towns, most people use Maryland movers to make this town their home because of the relaxing bohemian vibe. Here you can expect to find tons of yoga studios, vintage clothing stores, music shops, and health food shops. Moreover, living here means having a full calendar; Takoma Park has tons of jazz and folk festivals and is home to where the Washington Opera rehearses.