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Best Apps for Moving to Maryland

With a move to Maryland happening within the next few weeks, there’s so much that needs to be completed. For example, you may book Maryland movers  for a hassle-free move into your new home, or you have a list of important places and documents where you must update your address. However, have you thought about ways the process can go a lot smoother? Our Maryland movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage list the best apps for moving to Maryland.



If you still haven’t determined where you’ll live in Maryland, install Zillow [1] and browse through thousands of listings for houses and rentals from across the nation on this app. The Seattle-based real estate company helps home hunters every step of the way by providing resources like current mortgage rates. Along with listings and resources, the app lets users get a real-time view of their prospective neighborhood, giving users the best home-hunting experience.



Once you’ve decided on your new home in Maryland, it’s time to start figuring out how to arrange your furniture. Before moving in, get a head start on arranging your furniture by using Magicplan. [2] With the app open, Magicplan records the dimensions of the new home as you walk around, recreating the floorplan so you can visualize the space furnished in augmented reality.

In addition, this app features virtual tours, 3D models, a material and cost estimator for renovations, as well as site surveying, making it one of the best apps for moving to Maryland.



Packing can be a very stressful and tedious task, that’s why you should install Sortly. [3] With Sortly, you can organize items by room and create labels for boxes, making it the perfect addition to your moving checklist.

If Sortly doesn’t do it for you, our Maryland packing services are always an option. Our Maryland movers are thoroughly trained in packing all types of items and furniture to ensure they’ll arrive at the new home safely and securely.


Facebook Marketplace

Don’t move to Maryland with useless junk weighing you down. If you have miscellaneous but salvageable items laying around you no longer want, list them for sale on the Facebook Marketplace. On this platform, users sell almost any type of item; from jewelry and clothing to electronics and even homes! So, start lightening your moving load while putting money back in your pocket with Facebook Marketplace.


Uber Eats

All this preparation for the move to Maryland can leave you famished. You could cook, but your kitchenware is most likely packed away. Driving to your favorite restaurant is probably out of the question as our Maryland auto movers are already safely transporting your vehicle to the new home. So, download Uber Eats to have freshly-prepared food delivered to your door. Depending on your location, the app lists a variety of restaurants within the area to satiate your taste buds.


Easy, Breezy Moving with Our Full-Service Movers

Moving to Maryland shouldn’t be a hassle. When you feel that your upcoming move can take a toll on you, contact our professional Maryland movers to help you settle into your new home without breaking a sweat or your back. Call 410-505-4410 today for your free moving quote.




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