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Foreclosed Homes Discounts Around the Country

According to Housingwatch online, as of the end of December 2011, the banks owned almost 700,000 homes. There’s many more homes to join that lists, since about 700,000 homeowners are in somewhere in the foreclosure process. Foreclosure sales accounted for 20% of the total sales of homes in America between the months of July and September 2011.

The distressed properties, the number of foreclosed homes in the inventory and the struggling economy can actually work in favor of some people, especially those looking for the very best bargain on the block so to speak. Realty Trac says that on average, foreclosed homes sold for 34% less than their market value between summer and last fall. And for some specific areas in the U.S., that number was much greater like for example in Trenton New Jersey where a foreclosed home sold for 67.8% less than their value.

In places like Trenton, New Jersey the local Maryland movers learned you can find a three bedroom and two bathroom home for just under $200,000. In Atlanta, the foreclosure discount 49.6% and you can get a seven bedroom ten bathroom mansion for 3.75 million. That same estate has four kitchens, a double staircase, a home theater, a pool, spa, steam room and even an elevator, not to mention 22,000 square feet. A mansion in Houston has a foreclosure 48.14% discount will cost you $4.29 million. For that ticket price you can get five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, outdoor kitchen and a tad over 12,000 square feet.

In Lansing, Michigan, you can score a historic home in a condo community for less than $125,000 at 2,228 square feet. In Grand Rapids a four bedroom four bathroom contemporary home across 4,339 square feet can cost you $289,900. In Flint, a four bedroom resident is only $109,600. If these prices sound like a great deal to you, maybe it’s time to look around the real estate market and buy a home.

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