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Apps For House Hunting and Buying

With the rise of the smart phone and technology in every aspect of our lives, the real estate industry is also joining the apps world. These days, there are countless inexpensive, even sometime free, applications you can download to make finding the house of your dream a piece of cake. MSN listed some of the best ones.

Realtor.com says its app has more than 3 million home listings, beating out any other app in the U.S. You can focus your search by selecting the town you’re interested in, the homes for sale near where you live and even search for open houses to visit. You’ll have a chance to also look at pictures and decriptions including prices.

ZipRealty offers home listings in 5,000 cities, along with asking price and pictures as well as the homes that have sold recently. So you can see for yourself what are other homes selling for in the neighborhood you’re interested in, giving you more leverage in the negotiation process.

Zillow, an immense real estate search engine, also has an app. This app is free and allows you to also see rental-rate estimates. If you’re new to the real estate world, you’ll notice that it has its own vernacular. That’s why the Maryland movers suggest you get the Dictionary of Real Estate Terms as an app. On certain devices you might have to pay $1.99.

Mortgage Calculator is an app that can help you with the financial side of things. Because even if you find the home of your dreams, you might not be able to afford it. With the Mortgage Calculator you’ll be able to calculate your monthly rate, price per square foot and more.

Home Buying Power also lets you determine if you can afford a specific house. You’ll have to input a few variables such as desired payment and loan term, let it do its magic and see how much “home” you can afford. If it’s the location you’re worried about, the local Maryland moving specialists suggest Wikihood. You’ll get a min tour of the neighborhood you’re interested in as well as its history and the culture of companies in the area.

Suburb Scout will tell you about potential nuances in a specific area such as possible landfills, sewage-treatment plants and that sort of thing. When you found your dream home thanks to all of these great apps, call the local Maryland movers for professional moving services at an affordable price.