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Mortgage Process 101

Before you contact Maryland movers to help you get into your first home you will have to navigate the sometimes confusing and intimidating world of home mortgages.  Buying a new home can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. However, if you are unprepared to learn and be patient it can be one of the most stressful and potentially financially damaging ventures you will embark on. You need to know what to expect, what to ask and who to ask in order to make the most sound decisions throughout the process.

Today there are so many information resources available to first time home buyers, the plethora of choice can be paralyzing. The best advice is to talk to people you trust, who have experience in the process and organizations that do not stand to profit from you in any way.  Buying a home and entering into a mortgage is, for most people, the most serious financial decision they will ever make. Below are some tips to help you protect yourself and your bank account.

If It Sounds To Good To Be True, It Is

In every corner of the world of financial lending predators exist looking to take advantage of people. Lending rules have tightened up in the last few years, but as the markets improve people are starting to borrow again. Do not let anyone tell you that your credit won’t factor into your interest rate or payments. If you have credit problems, they will affect the process regardless of what anyone says. Offers that seem appealing should be looked at with skepticism until at least one other opinion on it is sought.

Shop Around

There is more than one lender in town and they are in competition with each other. Find the best loan that you can qualify for.  Don’t just inquire at the major banks. It is also a good idea to visit local credit unions that way you can better compare rates and products.

Understand The Whole Deal

There is more to a mortgage than the quoted monthly payments.  People are often deceived into thinking that they can afford the payments, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean they can afford the house. Home purchases can involve one or all of the following fees; property insurance, property taxes, home owners association fees, higher utility costs than previously experienced renting as well as the costly process of furnishing a home. When you get a written estimate for a mortgage, make sure all fees are included in writing and be sure you take into account of all the above mentioned costs before you make a final decision as to whether or not you can afford a home.

Finance Versus Emotion

It is a good idea to find of what type of mortgage and how much of a mortgage you are qualified for before you start looking for a house.  That way you are more likely to narrow your search to homes you can truly afford as opposed to falling in love with a home you can’t afford and making a risky financial decision to try and pay for it.

The home buying experience can be an enjoyable one if you take it slow, ask questions and make prudent decisions. Once you’ve found your dream home professional Maryland movers can help you get situated.