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All About Molding

The Greeks are believed to have been the first to use molding for purely decorative purposes. The local Maryland moving specialists learned that back in the day molding was hand-carved by carpenters using hard planes, chisels and gouges. These days, thanks to large planning machines, molding is cheaper and comes in over 140 styles all in different materials including wood and polyurethane. This strip of material can also be made of plastic, creating optical illusions, making rooms feel larger and ceilings appear higher. The local Maryland moving specialists have learned that the most popular types of molding are the crown and baseboard type.
 Decorating with molding can define space and add visual interest to a room. The local Maryland movers have seen instances where homeowners have chosen to decorate with molding versus paint. Molding can even be used outdoors to create architectural lines and add a rich effect to surfaces. Molding can be used to accentuate large mirrors, flat screen televisions, eve used to prop us photographs and paintings. Adding molding to your home can really add character and dimension and personalize a space. For example, the All My Sons of Maryland movers suggest decorating your living room or kids room with your children's art by creating a gallery. Make a large wall frame by incorporating strips of molding and hang your children's art inside the frame. You can even paint the inside of the frame a different color to accentuate even more. A darker wall color will create more focus around the art.
If you need extra storage, you can use a long strip of molding. Paint it in a different color and attach hooks to it. Then just hang it at eye level on your wall. you can hang coats, purses, bookbags, belts, costume jewelry, umbrellas, even your keys. Another way to decorate your kids room with molding is to mix it with a chalk board. Create a frame or even various panels with the molding to separate the chalkboard. Your children can draw, leave you messages or even crack match problems...all in style. The local Maryland movers remind you that molding isn't just child play. You can add a lot of elegance to a space with narrow strips to produce the popular picture-framing effect. This will help you emphasize windows, doors and even recreate design on walls.