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A Brief History of Maryland

If you are thinking of moving to the east coast, our Maryland movers agree that their home state is a beautiful place to live that’s best known for its fishing and blue crabs. Maryland was incorporated as a state on April 28, 1788, and is now home to over 6 million people. If you’re thinking of moving to town and you want to learn a little bit more about the state, our local movers share a brief history of Maryland.

Who Founded Maryland?

This wonderful state was founded in 1632 as a safe haven for English Catholics who were fleeing the anti-Catholic persecution in Europe. In that same year, Cecil Calvert, the 2nd Lord of Baltimore, founded Maryland. The land was passed down to Cecil by his father George Calvert, who had received that land from King Charles I. Originally, the colony of Maryland was named Marie’s Land after the king’s wife, Henrietta Maria.

What Does the Maryland Flag Mean?

The state flag is also a significant piece of Maryland history as it pays homage to its founders through its colors. The black and gold on the flag represent the Calvert family, while the red and white represent the Crossland family – the parents of George Calvert. Throughout Maryland, you will see the coat of arms used in different ways. The University of Maryland uses both the black and gold motif and the red and white motif in the school logo as well as the endzones on the football field.

Why Is Maryland Important to the United States?

The state’s economy is a vital part of Maryland history because it’s what continues to keep the state thriving today. Maryland is a large producer of clams, soft shell crabs, and oysters. Maryland also makes up a large sector in manufacturing and agriculture as well as government and trade industries. Maryland is also a popular coal mining state, in addition to clays, natural gas, and limestone. The numerous industries in the state are why Maryland is also known as “America in Miniature” or “Little America.”

What Does Maryland’s State Seal Symbolize?

A brief history of Maryland wouldn’t be complete without discussing a little bit about the state seal. Maryland is one of the only states in the country to have a double sided state seal. The front of the seal features a plowman and a fisherman standing on either side of the Maryland coat of arms. Around the seal is the Latin phrase Scuto bonæ voluntatis tuæ coronasti noss which translates to “with favor wilt thou compass us as with a shield.” Below this, Maryland’s motto in Italian reads Fatti maschii, parole femine – the indirect translation means “many deeds, womanly words” and has been adapted by the state to mean “strong deeds, gentle words.”

The other side of the state seal features Lord Baltimore as a knight dressed in full armor and mounted on a charger. There is also a Latin inscription on this side of the seal that translates to “Cecilius, Absolute Lord of Maryland and Avalon, Baron of Baltimore” in English.

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