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Little Rock Movers' Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating

While synonymous with both fear and fright, even on Halloween the two don’t always go hand-in-hand. For kids, dressing up in costumes, collecting candy, and getting scared at haunted houses and elsewhere can be a ton of fun! However, for parents the scariest aspect relating to Halloween is often related to the safety of our little trick-or-treaters. The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded the rather shocking statistic that 84 percent of pedestrian deaths happened because of trick-or-treaters jaywalking on Halloween night. The truth is stunning and awful, but we must keep these statistics in mind at all times to ensure the safety of our little ghosts and goblins out trick-or-treating tonight. Safety is second nature to your Little Rock professional moving company’s crewmembers, so naturally we have a few tips in mind for any parent of tonight’s trick-or-treaters! Let’s make it a happy Halloween by making it a safe night! 

Children who are out trick-or-treating should be under strict orders to only travel on sidewalks while out and about this evening. Children who are particularly young should always have a trusted adult or mature teen accompanying them during Halloween. Children wearing masks or headgear should have their costumes double-checked to ensure that no costume components obstruct the little trick-or-treaters vision! To ensure our little ones are able to move about without tripping over their costumes, parents should double check to make sure no capes gowns or robes are dragging the ground. And just as a moving truck in the night needs lights for safety, trick-or-treaters should also use glow-necklaces, reflective tape, or some other kind of illuminating device so all motorists will see them! 

Your little trick-or-treater will surely bring home more than enough candy after a full night out ringing doorbells. Be sure to inspect the candy your children bring home and discard any treats that appear to have been tampered with; when in doubt, throw it out! If you are going to be giving out candy from your home, be sure that your porch, driveway, and/or walkways are well-lit for the safety of the scary little kids who will be moving around the neighborhood collecting treats! Your Little Rock moving professionals wish you and yours a happy Halloween!