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How to Pack in a Hurry

In a perfect world, everything flows according to plan- but that’s often not the case. Our Little Rock local movers have created a guide for when things don’t go according to plan and you must pack in a hurry.


Before you begin packing in a hurry for you move date, the first thing you need to do is make a checklist. Sort through all the items you packed up, write down notes and any reminders you need for the move to Little Rock. Our Arkansas movers suggest you book our professional moving company to help with getting you up and out quickly.


Once you have contacted our Little Rock local movers, begin deciding on things you don’t need. Packing in a hurry really lets you know what you truly need and it is the perfect chance to donate old things and start anew when you begin you move to Little Rock. Simplicity is key when you don’t have much time, go through each room and put together boxes that our Arkansas movers can give you. Label each box as a donate, throw away, and recycle. There are plenty of donation centers located in Little Rock.


While sorting through what you need, it is important to have an essential bag for your move to Little Rock, this one bag will hold your essentials you will need while transitioning to the new location. Always have a pair of comfortable shoes to wear and have water bottles with you. It is important to keep hydrated throughout this process and replenish the electrolytes you would have lost while packing in a hurry.


Ask for help. Ask friends and family to help pack things up quickly for you. Having more people compared to just tackling this alone well help get the job faster. Have your friends take donation boxes to the local charity or have them clean up scraps you left behind. Don’t forget to show them gratitude afterwards, our Arkansas movers suggest you take them out for meal afterwards or give them gas money for the back and forth driving they will be doing.

Professional Movers

Our Little Rock movers are here to help with the big stuff. Our job is to help you move. Don’t try and finish every task by yourself, leave some tasks for us so we can help. On the plus side, not only are we professionals, but we can do the harder tasks faster and easier compared to you just trying to do everything yourself.

Packing in a hurry is a stressful job and one that requires swift thinking and logistics. Our Arkansas movers at All My Sons want to help you in this move. Contact us as soon as possible to begin you move to Little Rock.