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What is it Like Living in Little Rock?

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Living in Little Rock is one of the greatest decisions you can make. This city is the perfect mix of suburban and metropolitan, offering not only great times but also a quiet and peaceful lifestyle that is hard to achieve nowadays. Our movers in Little Rock are passionate about their hometown and love it when people decide to relocate to this marvelous town. Because of this, they have made this short guide that is sure to sell you on the idea of life in “The Rock”.

What Is The Average Cost of Living in Little Rock Arkansas?

One of the greatest things about living in Arkansas is the cost of living. Living in Little Rock offers these same benefits across the board, if you’re one who values a great city that remains affordable then this is the place for you!

Cost of Housing in Little Rock 

Little Rock’s housing costs are more than 10% lower than the national average. Everything for bills, gas, rent, and even buying your own home is more affordable here. Even the best neighborhoods in Little Rock are at your fingertips when you call this place home. 

Health Costs in Little Rock

Health and nutrition follow the same trend as housing in Little Rock. Living in Little Rock means that your healthcare bills will be on average about 10% lower than the rest of the country, and your groceries will be 7% lower than average as well! 

Is Little Rock a Nice Place to Live?

Prices are just one aspect of what makes life in a city great, luckily Little Rock is more than capable of satisfying every need you and your family may have when it comes to lifestyle and convenience. Living in Little Rock is great for people who like to have things nearby. This is a small city with a dense suburban feel that is lovely when you consider that it ensures nothing here will ever be more than 30 minutes away from the best areas of Little Rock!

Add to that the amazing mix of wildlife and man-made wonder and you have a recipe for a great city. Our amazing Pinnacle and Wildwood parks are perfectly paired with our Zoo. We love nature here and if you do as well, you’ll never be left wanting more! If you’re more of a history and science buff, do not worry, we have a long list of museums that offer insights into the history of various subjects and the scientific world!

Living in Little Rock is not just great for one type of person, it’s great for all types of people with a variety of different interests. And when it’s time for your move to Arkansas be sure to make Little Rock your top choice.

Relocating to Little Rock AR the Right Way

All My Sons Moving & Storage offers the premier moving service in Little Rock. Whether you are already a resident living here or someone moving to Little Rock, be sure to hire the right team for your next relocation. Get an online quote or call us at 501-708-0872 for more information! 

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