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Welcome to MacArthur Park, Arkansas! Located in downtown Little Rock, MacArthur Park is the oldest municipal park in the city. The park is the heart of the neighborhood, where residents spend time with those in their community. If you’re interested in moving to MacArthur Park, let All My Sons Moving & Storage Little Rock handle all of your relocation needs.

About MacArthur Park – History and Description

In the 1830s, the land was first used as a horse racetrack. When Arkansas became a state, the United States Department of War bought the land for the Little Rock Arsenal. The Tower Building remains standing today as a reminder of the military presence in MacArthur Park.

After the land was no longer needed for military efforts, the buildings were left abandoned. However, Congressman William Terry of Little Rock exchanged 1,000 acres of the Arkansas River for the land. The agreement specifically stated that the area would be exclusively used as a public park for Little Rock. Buildings were removed, houses were constructed, and Pittman’s Lake was created. MacArthur Park opened on July 4th, 1893, and has been a place for the public ever since.

MacArthur Park has been renovated and preserved, but its purpose and sense of community remain the same. This Little Rock suburb is a great place to live for families. You will also find excellent public schools and accessibility to job opportunities. If you’re looking for a strong network of neighbors and friends, our MacArthur movers think is the place for you.

Movers in MacArthur Park

Our Little Rock movers offer the best moving services in Little Rock, Arkansas. We take care of every step of the moving process, so you can relax and know that your home is in good hands. With over twenty years of experience, our MacArthur movers can handle any and all moving requests. Be sure to speak with our moving coordinators to create a moving plan that accommodates your timeline and budget. Our movers in MacArthur are here to ensure safe and stress-free relocation. Not only will our team handle the heavy lifting but will pack your belongings and take care of disassembling and reassembling your furniture.

As a full-service moving company, our team can handle local, long-distance, commercial, and corporate moving needs. If you need to bring your vehicle to your new home, our Little Rock auto movers have you covered. You can rely on our professionals to deliver your vehicle safely and efficiently. No need to stress about your upcoming move. You can rely on our movers in MacArthur Park to provide high-quality moving services. Call our Little Rock local movers for a free, no-obligation moving quote today!

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