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10 Questions to Ask Your Little Rock Full-Service Movers Movers

Hiring an Arkansas moving company requires plenty of research and consideration. There’s no need to guess which movers in Little Rock are going to suit your moving needs the best. With the help of the Little Rock full-service movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, you can know which questions to ask your movers before enlisting them for your move.

Are you licensed and insured?

All My Sons strongly recommends avoiding moving companies that do not have the appropriate licenses and insurance. Any reputable Little Rock full-service movers should have the correct licenses and moving insurance. Any company that lacks a US DOT number and other important verifications can be a liability.

Do you offer full service moving packages?

A full-service moving company will do all the work for you. They pack, load, transport and then unpack all your belongings for you. Ask your movers in Little Rock to explain how much of the moving process they handle so you can be prepared for their arrival.

Do you have storage available?

If you plan on arriving the day after your belongings do, storage may be a good option for your situation. Look for an Arkansas moving company that provides storage options so you don’t have to find third party storage solutions.

What other relocation services do you offer?

Does your choice of Little Rock full-service movers offer auto moving, commercial moving, or any other services that you can benefit from throughout your move?

Do you have good reviews?

Check online reviews of all the movers in Little Rock who you are considering for the job. However, don’t base your decision on the online reviews alone. Ask the moving company if they have reviews that they recommend you check out as well.

Do you offer free moving estimates?

Many Arkansas moving companies will provide free moving estimates. Double check to see if your choice will.

Do you offer any discounts?

It doesn’t hurt to ask for additional discounts – and you won’t know if you don’t ask!

Are your movers local and/or long-distance?

Regardless of whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, ask your movers if they’re a national moving company or a local moving company. If the Arkansas moving company is national, that usually means they’ve been in business for a while and may have a good reputation amongst other states as well.

Who can I keep in contact with throughout my entire move?

You’re going to want to ask the movers a lot of questions, and chances are you’ll have some suggestions or feedback at the end of the moving process. All My Sons Moving & Storage assigns moving coordinators to each project we take on. Ask your Little Rock full-service movers if they do something similar.

Do you have any questions for me/us?

Ask the movers in Little Rock if they have questions for you. You may have missed something important, so this is their opportunity to ask you any questions and clear up any potential miscommunications to prevent future issues.