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What to Do with Unwanted Holiday Gifts in Indianapolis

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s that time of year again where you give and receive presents. While this a joyful and generous time, you may be given an item you have no use for. You might receive an itchy sweater, a duplicate toy for your kids or a blanket that doesn’t go with your new home in Indianapolis. Our professional Indianapolis movers explain what to do with unwanted holiday gifts in Indianapolis.

Re-Gift It

Re-gifting is an excellent option if you don’t know what to do with unwanted holiday gifts in Indianapolis. Passing along unwanted items to a better home is perfectly okay. Why would you keep an item that will collect dust in your new home? Your unwanted holiday gifts will have better use if they are passed along to someone who would actually use the items. According to our Indianapolis residential movers, if you are unsure what to do with unwanted holiday gifts in Indianapolis, re-gifting is a great way to ensure your items aren’t going to waste.

When deciding to whom you want to re-gift your items, make sure the gifts are still in great condition and you re-gift to someone outside of the original social group. Another great tip is to ensure the unwanted holiday gifts are given to someone who would appreciate it more. Why would you re-gift a cookbook to someone who hates cooking? Don’t re-gift candles to someone with severe allergies. Make sure you really think about the people in your life and their needs or interests when finding the right home for your unwanted holiday gifts.

Sell Your Unwanted Presents

According to our Indianapolis local movers, if you don’t know what to do with unwanted holiday gifts in just sell them. A few of the traditional sites that are great places to sell your unwanted presents are eBay and Craig's List. In the past few years, there has been an increase in applications where you can sell your unwanted items. OfferUp, Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace are the latest apps where you can sell your stuff online.

OfferUp is a useful app that connects you with local buyers through a digital marketplace. Your listing will be published within seconds. After a simple photo of your furniture, electronics and sporting equipment, you will be on your way to finding someone who would like your items. You can sell your unwanted clothing items through Postmark. Poshmark is a digital marketplace where you can sell your new or used clothing. Facebook Marketplace is an easy place to sell your gifts to people in the community.

Donate Gifts to Charities

Are you still unsure what to do with unwanted holiday gifts in Indianapolis? One of the most beneficial ways to get rid of your gifts is to donate them to local charities. According to our Indianapolis corporate movers, local charities like homeless shelters, foster programs and children’s hospitals will gladly accept your unwanted holiday gifts. You can bring your unwanted clothes and food to homeless shelters. There are also so many foster kids who would greatly appreciate clothes, games, books and art supplies. You can also bring your unwanted gifts to cheer up a sick kid in the hospital.

Our family of movers wishes you a wonderful holiday season! Remember, if you don’t know what to do with unwanted holiday gifts in Indianapolis you can reference our suggestions.