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What is Included in Your Moving Quote

When you call All My Sons Moving & Storage of Indianapolis or visit our website to place an inquiry for a moving estimate, there are a few preliminary questions we ask first: What kind of move do you need? What is the size of your move? Where are you moving from and to? When would you like to move? And then we ask for contact information, if you’re filling a form on our website.

We take care in estimating the total cost of your move, so, what’s normally included in your moving quote?

Movers Depending on the size of your move, we will send a certain number of movers to take care of business. They will handle all the labor you have requested. Your Indianapolis movers typically are paid an hourly fee per person on the job.

Services If you have requested full-service from the movers, they will bring all the necessary supplies to pack everything that needs to be packed into boxes or special crates, then they will transport it all to the moving truck, making sure every item is on the truck. When the truck is loaded, the movers will drive the truck to your destination, unload, and help unpack! If you’ve only requested partial service, then you’ll only be charged for any services you have requested.

Fuel Fuel costs can be calculated by weight of the shipment and distance to be traveled to the destination. Sometimes, fuel is simply calculated by distance to be traveled and the truck’s fuel economy.

Insurance If moving across state lines, you are, by law, automatically insured at the basic level, which is a coverage of at least 60 cents per pound of the bulk weight of your move. By federal mandate, we also must offer a second level of insurance coverage, which is Full Value Protection, also known as “Actual Cash Value” coverage. The second level of insurance does come at an additional charge, but, if you are moving items you consider very valuable, it may be worth the extra expense if you can spare it.

Specialty Items If you need us to move your car, any antiques, your piano, or any items that require special consideration, we will need to know so that we can properly include it in your quote! If you have questions about what constitutes a specialty item, feel free to ask your Indianapolis movers when getting your free quote!


We are the premier Indiana movers, servicing Indianapolis and the surrounding area. We would be proud to put our expert skills to the task of moving you and your family. We know you want the best, and there’s no one better than All My Sons! So, get your free, custom, no-obligation moving quote from your Indianapolis movers today by calling 317-354-7688!