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Moving with Children to Indianapolis

Preparing for your move to Indianapolis can be quite stressful considering it’s the third most stressful life event after the death of a loved one and divorce. The stress is a result of the disruption in your daily routine as you’re completing various relocation tasks such as booking our Indiana movers to help you settle in your new home, updating your address with the post office and the bank, and scheduling utility activation. Among the chaos, there’s a chance your child may feel stressed as well. Children tend to experience moving-related stress more so than adults as a result of the sudden change in their surroundings. Our Indianapolis movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage further discuss moving with children to Indianapolis.

Before the Move

When it comes to helping your child cope with moving, our professional movers recommend talking about the move with them in advance. About a month before moving day, hold a family meeting to discuss what will happen on the big day. Show them pictures of the new house so they know what to expect once they get there. Encourage them to feel optimistic for the move to Indianapolis and schedule a day of fun activities so the children will have something positive to look forward to.

Afterward, pick out décor for their new room online or at the store. Have them choose items such as rugs, lighting, posters, bean bags, bedding, and more in their favorite colors or characters. Shopping for bedroom décor will get them excited for the move and make them feel as if they were involved in the process.

The Big Day

Now that your moving day is finally here, pay attention to your children’s behavior and be aware of any red flags. Once our Indianapolis residential movers arrive, introduce them to the kids so they look less like outsiders and more like friends. The full-service movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage know how moving can take a toll on children, therefore, a simple conversation can help your child remain at ease.

While our Indiana movers are packing and loading furniture and boxes onto the truck, keep the children away in a safe area away from the chaos. Keep them occupied with some of their favorite things like coloring books, picture books, toys, and a mobile tablet to watch their favorite TV shows or movies.

After the Move

After moving with children to Indianapolis, fulfill the day of fun you promised the kids. Once our Indianapolis auto movers deliver your car, take a drive around town with the little ones to visit places such as a children’s museum, family entertainment center, the movies, or a fun local event like a fair. This is a fun way for the children to settle into their new hometown. Finally, introduce the little ones to the neighbors to familiarize themselves with those who live in the community. These very same neighbors may have children of their own for your kids to play with!

Moving with the Relocation Pros

If you’re shopping around for reliable movers to help you settle into your new home, contact our Indianapolis moving company first! We provide affordable relocation services in Indianapolis that make moving a breeze. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote!