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Moving in Bad Weather

Even though you planned your move to Indianapolis months in advance, you most likely didn’t have the weather forecast in mind. Now that your moving day is just around the corner, you’ve checked the weather forecast and it just so happens there might be rain or snow in the area you’re moving from. At this point, there’s no way you can change your moving date since you already had relocation tasks set in place such as shutting off your utility service, installing a security system in your new home, and so on. Even though there’s no turning back, our Indianapolis movers at All My Sons can share helpful tips on how to move in bad weather.

Choose Plastic

You shouldn’t always opt for plastic in other aspects of your life, but for the purposes of moving to Indianapolis in bad weather, our experts recommend packing your valuables in plastic. When you choose cardboard boxes to move your belongings in the bad weather, you risk them getting soggy due to the moisture, which can affect how sturdy your boxes are. That’s why you should opt for plastic materials to pack your belongings. You can use plastic bins or heavy-duty garbage bags when moving in bad weather. If you originally planned on doing a DIY move to Indianapolis, you can always hire our Indianapolis packing services when you’re moving in the rain or snow since we not only shoulder the load of packing, but we also include quality, waterproof packing materials to withstand bad weather.

Decrease Your Distance

Reduce the amount of water you bring into your old residence by decreasing the distance from the door to the moving truck. Back the truck up as close to the door as possible. An even better option is to take advantage of a garage, if you have one. There’s more space for your packed belongings and the moving truck can come right up to the garage door, reducing the risk of getting your valuables wet. If you don’t have a garage, you can decrease the distance by simply having all your packed valuables sit as close to the doorway as possible. This way, you can quickly haul your belongings out of the home and onto the truck, despite the weather forecast.

Set Up a Cover

If you set up a temporary cover over the loading truck, you can further reduce the chances of your belongings getting wet. Set the cover up between the back of the moving truck and it can either be a hanging tarp over the pathway or popup tent. Consider covering the floors inside your house as well. The more precipitation covers the floor, the more likely you’ll slip and fall.

Time to Load the Truck

If you decide not to hire our Indianapolis movers for your move, it’s extremely important to pay attention to your safety. For moving in bad weather, make sure to lay down sheets of cardboard between the doorway of your home and the back of the loading truck. This reduce the chances of you slipping as you haul valuables into the truck. In addition to laying down cardboard on the ground, remember to lay down towels or rugs in the truck to prevent getting water all over the floor of the truck.

Let Us Help You Move to Indianapolis

Moving to Indianapolis doesn’t have to be a struggle when you hire our Indiana movers at All My Sons. We provide quality relocation services along with exceptional customer care you won’t find anywhere else in town. Don’t wait until the last minute, call our moving company in Indianapolis for your free, no obligation moving quote.