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Delightful Reasons to Celebrate in January

The holidays have come and gone. Friends and family who came from near and far have gone back home, and the decorations are all stored away again. You may be feeling the celebration blues, but our Indianapolis local movers know how to cure those! It’s a new year and there is a lot to be thankful for! The party does not stop just because the holidays have ended. Here are a few other January celebrations to look forward to!

Fun Holidays to Celebrate in January

Other than the quintessential January holiday – New Year’s Day – there are a lot of cool and whimsical holidays to celebrate in the first month of the year. Though these are not all “official” holidays, our Indianapolis residential movers still have a fun time celebrating these events with friends and family and they know you will too.

National Marzipan Day
If you are not familiar with what it is, marzipan is a great combination of sugar, honey and almond meal usually covered in chocolate. It’s a super tasty treat! Celebrate the end of a long week on January 12th with a delicious bite of marzipan. Though it’s technically not a traditional bank holiday, something sweet is one of the best reasons to celebrate in January.

Organize Your Home Day
What better way to kick off the new year than to get your home organized? If you have been looking at your list of resolutions and already procrastinating, January 13th can help you kickstart your resolution to clean, organize, and tidy up the place! Pick a spot in your house you want to tackle first, even if it’s just the junk drawer in the kitchen, and get to it!

Strawberry Ice Cream Day
Though ice cream can (and should, in our opinion) be celebrated every day of the year, January 15th is honors one very special flavor – strawberry! Round out your Wednesday afternoon lunch with a fresh scoop of strawberry ice cream from your favorite local ice cream shop or enjoy a nice bowl with your family after dinner when you get home.

International Spicy Food Day
If you want to spice things up on a Thursday night, celebrate International Spicy Food Day. Get a bowl of the spiciest salsa out for a game night or add a little chili powder to your dinner recipe. If you are feeling adventurous, hop around to different restaurants in town and order the spiciest item on the menu.

Hot Buttered Rum Day
The perfect holiday to celebrate on a cold night – Hot Buttered Rum Day on January 17th! For something that is both sweet and warm, indulge in this desert drink that you can customize in any number of ways. Just gather a few ingredients to make it and savor this delicious beverage with a good movie and some friends.

National Gourmet Coffee Day
If you are a caffeine lover, then January 18th is a day you’ll definitely want to mark on your calendar. Though every day can be a coffee day, indulge in that second or third, maybe even fourth cup of coffee or opt for an artfully crafted coffee drink at your favorite local coffee shop to celebrate this fun holiday in January. Show your appreciation for that special drink that gets you through the days all week long on National Gourmet Coffee Day.

If you are getting ready to move to a new city in January, that is something worth celebrating too! Contact All My Sons Moving & Storage and let our professional Indianapolis movers take care of the heavy lifting for you.