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Tips for Attending Family Holiday Gatherings

This time of year can be an overwhelming time for everyone. We all envision holiday gatherings playing out like a magical Hallmark Christmas movie. Everyone gets along well, the children are well behaved, and the evening goes along without any cooking disasters -- it seems like a dream come true. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Indianapolis, we have put together the perfect guide for surviving family gatherings and getting through them with the kids.

Tips for Attending Family Holiday Gatherings

There are so many scenarios that many of us do not look forward to when it comes to family gatherings. Older relatives sharing too much personal information about their aches and pains; the passive-aggressive digs from your Aunt Jan on how to raise your kids; extended family staying at your house for a prolonged holiday vacation; it can be overwhelming, to say the least. So, before you get a tension headache that no amount of painkillers will resolve, let our Indianapolis local movers help! We have so many helpful tips on how to survive family gatherings and, most importantly, how to survive holiday gatherings with the kids!

Embrace the Mix & Manage Expectations

When it comes to families, there are so many different personalities. Just like everyday life, we must embrace how different everyone’s behaviors and opinions may be. Try finding things you may have in common with distant relatives. Although it is easier said than done at times, people can be surprising. Rather than making pointless conversation about the weather, be diligent in finding talking points that you may have in common and home in on them.

Our Carmel movers believe the most important tip to surviving holiday gatherings is to approach the family gathering with a blank-slate mentality. Walking into a gathering presupposing what may occur, or what may bother you creates a mindset that you already are not going to enjoy yourself. Challenge yourself to give the family gathering the benefit of the doubt and see what happens from there.

Set Boundaries

Our professional movers and packers recommend creating boundaries with your extended family. If there are certain topics you wish not to speak about, politely let them know or find a way to excuse yourself. It is crucial to keep in mind that the kids may be watching, and children are like sponges. They soak up all the interactions they see: how you carry yourself around family, the tones you display, and, of course, the frustrating signs of defeat. It is essential to find ways to set an example for younger children on how to behave when surrounded by people that you may not always enjoy.

Surviving Holiday Gatherings with Kids

Just because children are related and close in age does not always mean they will have a blooming friendship, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do their best, just like the adults are. Be sure to speak with your kids prior to a family gathering on your expectations and encourage them to share and be polite with those around them. If there are not going to be any activities for them at the family gathering, be sure to bring an item or activity that they can share with others.

The holidays lend themselves as a perfect time to create fun art projects, decorate coloring pages, or a family-friendly holiday film that everyone will love. Our Mooresville movers recommend finding a way to keep the children occupied, so they aren’t tugging at your sleeve for attention the entire evening. It also offers a great chance to excuse yourself from the adults when you have had enough, and deck the halls with some fun children holiday party games.

Another important tip on surviving the holidays with kids is remembering not to sweat the small stuff. A relative’s opinion of your child’s behavior is not a reflection of you as a parent. Kids will argue and fight at times; just be sure your child understands that they must come to you when the altercation begins to escalate. It is important to understand that the holiday family gatherings are overwhelming for everyone, especially your children.

Have a Sense Of Humor

Unfortunately, most holiday family gatherings aren’t as glamorous as a Hallmark movie, which is why it is important to maintain a good sense of humor through it all. There is no perfect recipe for dealing with the holidays or the cattiness of relatives. So when in doubt, laugh it off, and try imagining everyone as a sitcom character, or with a handlebar mustache. It can help take the edge off.

From everyone at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we hope you have a joyous and safe holiday this year. If you find yourself wanting to move to Indianapolis, be sure to trust our professional movers and packers to handle your next relocation. Our Indianapolis auto movers provide top-notch service and offer top-level security to ensure your vehicle arrives at your new home scratch-free. Call one of our representatives today to get a free quote on your next move!