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How to Unpack Efficiently

Alrighty then, it looks like you’ve finally finished the move to Indianapolis. We’re glad you’ve chosen to make our home your home too—welcome to Indy! So, now that you’re in your home, it’s time to unpack and settle in. For quite some time, you’ve planned, packed, and transported everything to your new home, and you’re ready to be finished. Luckily, your Indianapolis movers are here to help with the unpacking—even if you’ve decided to do it all yourself!

The first thing you’ll want to know is what you are unpacking. Your boxes should be labeled and categorized in some manner, but if that’s not the case, you can always take a peek inside your boxes and figure it out! The better you know, the quicker the unpacking process will go. So, let’s get to it, shall we?


The first things you should be unpacking are the items you have in your emergency and important items boxes. These could include everything from phone chargers to snacks to medicine, toiletries, a set of clothing or two, some small valuables, and possibly some little keepsakes you like to keep handy. If it’s important to you and you can’t really function without it for a day, this is what you should unpack right now!


Another key to efficient unpacking is being organized. You should have your labeled boxes in their appropriate rooms. You shouldn’t have to run around like a confused chicken to find a certain box, nor should you come across a box you forgot about and spend time unpacking that one in another room—that could potentially take away from your efficiency.


These are perhaps the most important rooms in the house, if you haven’t quite realized it. Therefore, following all your immediate essentials, these are the first rooms for which you should unpack. For the kitchen, you should get your snacks, drinks, and other food that you’ll want throughout the day all put away, as well as some cups, bowls, plates, and silverware. For the bathroom, of course you should have the TP ready, hand soap, and a few towels. Then get to the bulk of the remaining items for these particular rooms.


If you have any furniture that’s already assembled, place those items wherever they belong, then turn your focus on those pieces of furniture that are not already put together. Bring those items to their appropriate places, then assemble them right then and there. Get to unpacking the larger items for the rest of your rooms and then move along to the small stuff. A professional Indianapolis local mover will help with all the big stuff when you need. From beds to couches to pianos and antiques—anything big and heavy, if you need a hand, it’s probably best to have your Indianapolis movers help out!


The small stuff includes everything from game consoles, computers, TVs, books, movies, clothing, and other non-essential items. When it comes down to the clothing, you’ll likely want to pack away the seasonal stuff, which is always a good idea, unless you’ve got a huge closet that will fit everything, or a handful of outfits for each season.


This is the final step of the entire move. Once you get all your curtains, pictures, and knick-knacks in place, perhaps a few potted plants, flowers, pieces of art, or whatever decorations you have to make your house feel like home, you will be finished. How exciting! We hope you love it.


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