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DIY Moving Tips

Moving to Indianapolis can be stressful, even more so when you DIY your move. Whether you’re moving on your own or with a few family members, you’re worried you won’t move on-time or your belongings will be damaged during the process. Yet, despite the possible obstacles you might expect, DIY moving can still go smoothly. Our Indianapolis movers have some useful DIY moving tips you can use to move to Indianapolis.

Ask for Help

You’re looking to do a do-it-yourself move, not a do-it-by-yourself move. As you’re planning out your DIY move to Indianapolis, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Enlist friends and family to help you with everything from packing boxes to loading up the truck. Of course, the whole reason you’re doing a DIY move is to save money, but you can also hire our Indianapolis movers to get all your packing done. Our Indianapolis packing service is an affordable option if you’re looking to save time on packing. You also won’t have to worry about buying your own packing supplies given that our packing services include the appropriate materials.


Take the time to sort and organize what to bring to your new home by de-cluttering. The less you have to move, the less packing and loading on the truck you have to do. Begin de-cluttering by cleaning out your pantry and closet for items that you no longer want. If you simply don’t want to throw the old junk away, give back to the community by donating them to charities like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Habitat for Humanity. If your clothing isn’t in re-wearable condition, consider a textile recycling program such as I:CO, a company working with H&M to close the loop in the fashion industry and reduce waste.

Rent a Truck or Trailer

Make your DIY move to Indianapolis easier on yourself by renting a truck or trailer. Not only will it save you trips when you’re moving your belongings between your old place and new place, but it can also save you money. Truck rental companies such as U-Haul let you rent a van for as low as $20. Nevertheless, the final cost depends on distance, time, and additional services you choose for the truck.

Move on a Weekend

Go easy on yourself while you DIY your move by planning to relocate on a Saturday. Moving on the weekend will give you more time to pack everything without the need to rush. In addition, you won’t have to miss work during the weekday. Our Indianapolis movers recommend that you get an early start moving on Saturday morning in order to finish with some time to relax for the evening before unpacking.

Move to Indianapolis with the Professionals

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we understand the stress that comes along with moving. We can help relieve some of the stress by planning out the relocation process, packing your belongings, and transporting them to your new home on-schedule. Our trusted Indianapolis movers have years of experience moving families and businesses across the country, therefore, you’ll be provided with exceptional service. Don’t wait, contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote for your move to Indianapolis.