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Avoid Moving Company Scams

Here at All My Sons Moving and Storage we are committed to your satisfaction as well as your safety.  Picking a moving company should be easy.  Most people in need of a mover flip open the yellow pages or surf the internet to obtain a price quote.  While the internet has certainly made shopping easier, it has also provided a way for illegitimate companies to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.  Following these few tips will help ensure you have a great moving experience. 

Have other sources besides the internet.

 The American Moving and Storage Association, a trade group that represents interstate movers, said that research had become even more important and can spell the difference between a good and bad experience. While the Internet can be a good research tool, it should not be relied on exclusively. Web sites can be misleading and can make a mover appear reputable when it may not be. Many people who became victims of con artists, consumer advocates say, made their decision based solely on a moving company’s Web site.

Ask reliable sources for a recommendation.T

im Walker, who founded movingscam.com, suggests checking the phone book and asking friends and relatives for recommendations.  Real estate agents can also be a good resource. Find at least three local moving companies and set up appointments for in-home estimates. Telephone and Internet quotes can be inaccurate because room sizes and furnishings vary widely.

If you are moving to a different state, get an in home estimate.

 A representative from a legitimate moving company should visit your house, take a complete inventory, approximate the weight of your belongings and provide a written estimate, said Linda Bauer Darr, president of the moving and storage association.

Do not pick a mover based solely on price.

Ms. Bauer Darr said. Read an estimate closely and make sure which services and fees are included. When prices vary drastically, many things, like moving pads and boxes, are not included. A mover, she said, should also include a copy of the federal government’s booklet, “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” which gives tips on selecting a mover.

 “We’re finding the temptation for people is to get this done quickly at the lowest price,” Ms. Bauer Darr said. “If you go with a low baller, God bless you and good luck.”

Make sure estimates contain the important data.

Estimates should include the moving company’s name, address, phone numbers and its Department of Transportation and Motor Carrier license numbers.