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How to Throw a Tapas Party

A tapas party is the perfect way to include a plethora of different flavors and small plates for entertaining guests at a dinner party. Tapas are traditionally served in Spain as a way to enjoy shareable plates while indulging in wonderful conversation with your peers. It is great for filling your plate with countless palates, textures, and savory snacks. Our Idaho moving company loves the concept of gathering together to try shareable dishes and engaging in exceptional friendships.

The goal of a tapas party is to keep it simple while ensuring your guests are not unbuttoning their pants by the end of the night. A tapas dinner party is an evening of authentic appetizers that, when combined, make a full meal. Our helpful guide will explain everything you need to know about how to throw a tapas party that will leave your guests begging for more.

Planning a Tapas Party

When hosting a tapas party, you want to make sure the small plates you are preparing are balanced. Plan ahead of time and choose a handful of dishes that depict the flavors and textures you are searching for, making sure nothing is too heavy. When cooking, create enough food so everyone can have a few bites; the aim of the game is to share an abundance of items without being too stuffed.

Most importantly, ask for help! Invite your guests to be a part of the fun by bringing in their own tapas dishes, this will take some of the weight from your shoulders, so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Find a balance between meats, vegetarian options, and other specific dietary options for your guests. We are dishing all our secrets on how to throw a tapas party that everyone will enjoy.

Finding the Perfect Balance

When it comes to throwing a tapas party, the food is the guest of honor. At All My Sons Moving & Storage we believe that menu planning is key. Choosing about four options for small bites that are easy yet simple will help ensure that the host has the opportunity to entertain their guests and isn’t glued to the kitchen stove all night.

We also like to include a board. Whether it be cheese, hummus, or charcuterie, a board is the perfect opportunity to create a dish for your guests to graze on throughout the evening. Our Fruitland movers have offered to share their favorite tapas dinner party menu dishes, desserts, and wine that will leave your guests full without the food coma.


- Croquetas de Jamon y Queso - Ham and cheese croquettes are the perfect tapas for any dinner party. They can include a variety of different fillings that are then breaded and fried. Served all over Spain at different restaurants and bars, it is one of the most popular tapas in the country.

- Tortilla Española - One of the most traditional dishes in Spain is considered to be a Spanish omelette with potato and onion. Known as the national dish, it is found all over the country and, at times, used as a light dinner for some Spanish families.

- Tigres or Mejillones Rellenos - Also known as stuffed mussels, this recipe requires a little more time to complete. But this make-ahead tapas dish will surely leave your guests drooling.

- Patatas Bravas - This popular Spanish dish is simply fried potatoes covered in a spicy aioli sauce. Bravas sauce is timeless and consists of mainly olive oil and garlic.


- Flan - A great finish to any meal, this vanilla egg custard is soft and savory, topped with caramel sauce. It is a classic Spanish dessert that is sweet but considerably light.
- Buñuelo de Viento - Also known as “light-as-air fritters”, these treats are a definite crowd-pleaser. Similar to beignets, these airy fritters are dusted in powdered sugar and filled with pastry cream -- simply delicious!

- Turrón - traditionally enjoyed around Christmas time, this is a nougat-based dessert typically made out of honey, sugar, egg whites, and toasted almonds.

Wine & Beer

The most popular drinks at a traditional Spanish tapas party are beer and wine. The most popular beers to drink at a tapas party in Spain are ambers and lagers. Serve your guests beer in a frozen 12 oz glass mug to keep it cold and refreshing. They’ll love the extra effort. Try to find the perfect pairings for your dishes that complement the abundance of different flavors. If you would like to keep it traditional, sample other varieties of wine from the many regions of Spain. Every region in Spain produces different delicious types of wines depending on the destination of origin.

- Cava - A crisp sparkling wine also known as champagne. It is based on three local grapes: Parellada, Xarel-lo, and Macabeo

- Albarino and Txakolina - A light-bodied dry white wine grown in Spain’s Rias Baixas region. Common notes of citrus, sweet melon, and a bit of honeysuckle make it the perfect food-friendly wine.

- Tempranillo - Originated from the Iberian Peninsula, this is a full-bodied choice that produces subtle hints of citrus and savory hues. It is a deep grape color and has one of the higher concentrations of alcohol.

Now that you know how to throw a tapas party your guests will adore, break out your shopping list and get planning. Don’t forget to ask for help, including the guests. A jointly-created tapas can help enrich the experience with even more flavor. The Morris Hill movers in Idaho love gathering together for a night filled with tapas from all the different regions of Europe and believe it is a great way to get to know your new neighbors.

If you are moving to Boise, Idaho, consider throwing a tapas party and inviting your new neighbors. Our Boise relocation services have so much to offer so you can spend more time planning your tapas dinner party while we handle the moving and packing. Whether you are moving short- or long-distance, All My Sons Moving & Storage has got you covered. Call one of our representatives today for your free, no-obligation quote.