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Boise Movers Tips: Save Money on Packing Supplies

There is no surprise that moving to a new home can be expensive and there are numerous small expenses that you wouldn’t have accounted for in your moving budget. If you decide to move on your own, you will have to purchase packing supplies and luckily there are ways to save on durable products that will keep your belongings safe during transport. The Boise movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help you not break the bank during your next move to Boise and we share with you tips on how to save money on packing supplies. You will be surprised to find out that packing supplies can be affordable as well as tough and sturdy, which is how they will keep your most prized possessions safe from damages.

Save Money on Moving Boxes

Cardboard moving boxes are the first place to begin saving money on packing supplies. Most local grocery or liquor stores will give them to you for free if you simply ask. Since they're just the perfect size for packing smaller items and heavier things, like books, you'll find that the boxes are easy to manage. Stores receive regular shipments of goods all the time and the last thing they want are empty, unused boxes occupying their space. You can also ask your neighbors or friends to give you any boxes they may have saved from a previous move. Free moving boxes will allow you to save a lot of money in the end and you will definitely need a lot of boxes especially for a move with your family.

Plastic Containers and Garbage Bags

You can get creative when it comes to saving money during the moving process. Instead of using cardboard boxes, you can use plastic containers to pack your belongings and they are much more durable than disposable boxes. They are also great for storage and can be used time and time again for future moves. Our Boise movers realize that plastic containers can get pricey, so we suggest you go this route if you already have them around the house. Surprisingly, garbage bags work well to pack and transport clothing and bedding. This is the affordable option for packing clothing and garbage bags can rip during the moving journey. They are a great alternative to wardrobe boxes if you are looking to save money.

Use Household Linens to Wrap Fragile Items

Especially in a DIY move, you can utilize your household towels and linens to wrap small delicate items before putting them in moving boxes. You can also use newspaper to wrap these items. Our Boise movers would wrap your items in durable bubble wrap, however you can save money going this route. It’s very important to wrap your fragile items to avoid damages and any old t-shirts or towels will get the job done.

Our Boise movers are here to help make your move to Boise run smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about the packing services we offer!