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Keep Your Personal Documents Safe When Moving

Moving is a very exciting time in life. You’re preparing for new beginnings and saying goodbye to what used to be. You’ve got everything packed and ready to go, but did you remember to update your personal information on your documents and securely pack them so they don’t get lost?

Documents to Update Before Your Move

Below are a few of the important documents to update before you move. You should keep your personal documents safe and nearby, as you may find that you need them during your move.

  • Tax information
  • Finance information
  • Insurance information
  • Records for your pets
  • Sending and billing addresses

Update Your Personal Documents and Keep them Close          

Boise local movers recommend that before you move, its best to gather all the documents stated above, as well as other important personal documents like:

  • Social security cards
  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical records
  • Degrees or diplomas
  • Traffic tickets
  • Tax returns
  • Financial documents with your personal account numbers

Once you have located these documents, keep them in something that is waterproof and that will keep them safe from any external damage.

You will also want to keep any documents or contracts involved in your move or with moving company close to you as well.

Make sure to keep your personal documents safe and separate from everything else that you’re moving. You wouldn’t want these to accidentally be packed and inaccessible, especially if you are using a moving service for a cross country move or putting your boxes into a storage facility.

Stay Organized with Your Updated Documents

If you are in need of great Boise packing services, we offer the best moving and packing services in Idaho. Let us handle the stress of packing and moving for you, while you focus on the things that really matter, like keeping your personal documents safe.

Tips for Keeping Your Personal Documents Safe Upon Updating Them:

  • Purchase filing folders and envelopes.
  • Label your documents once you’ve placed them into folders.
  • Find an appropriately sized file box for all the files you’re transporting – try to find one that locks.
  • Label the box as “DO NOT MOVE” so that it doesn’t leave your sight.

Our Boise residential movers understand that it’s important to keep your personal documents safe during the midst of the chaos when moving. Trust us to help get you organized and your belongings to your new Boise home safely and securely.


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