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The Pro Packer’s Guide to Efficient Unpacking

For some time, you’ve planned and packed for your move and you’ve transported everything to the new place. But it’s not over—now you must unpack! Unpacking can be quite the undertaking itself. In the following article, your professional Boise movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage go over how to unpack efficiently so that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Let’s get you unpacking like a pro!

First things first, you must know what you’re unpacking. Hopefully, you’ve got all your boxes clearly labeled, whether it’s by category or room-by-room. This is an imperative step for maximum efficiency. If not, you’ll have to rummage through each box to know what’s what, which can be needlessly stressful and waste valuable time.


Now that you know what you’re unpacking, the first thing you should unpack is your essential box(es). These boxes should include everything you need to keep yourself and your home running in good order. These essentials may be food and drinks, a few sets of clothes, your phone charger, toilet paper, a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, medications, trash bags, and so on. If you’ve got pets, don’t forget their essentials too!


Organization is another key to efficiency. You should have the appropriately labeled boxes in their designated rooms and areas. You don’t want to have to run all over the house looking for a certain box, nor do you want to stumble upon a box you might have forgotten about and then work on unpacking it in a different room—that can be another waste of time.


These should be the very first rooms you unpack for. Your decision which of the two is THE first, but they are both very important. In the kitchen, you’ll want all your major appliances hooked-up and ready to go. These may include your refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, toaster, and maybe a dishwasher. Store away your pots and pans, flatware, silverware, and a few cups and glasses.

For your bathroom, of course, you’ll want to get it prepped with toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soaps, towels, and all your other toiletries. You don’t have to get into the decorative processes yet. Your Boise movers suggest saving the decorating that for the end, and get what you need done now.


If any of your furniture is already assembled, great! Place the pre-assembled stuff wherever it goes. For the pieces of furniture that do require assembly, now’s the time to put it all together. Coffee table, side tables, nightstands, accent tables, kitchen tables, beds, chairs, bookcases, desks—all of it! It may be wise to create an arrangement plan for your furniture so that you only have to move it into one place one time. Once all the furniture is in place, you can unpack the small stuff!


The small stuff can include books, movies, gaming consoles, TVs, computers, board games, clothing, and other non-essential items. Move those all into their appropriate spots. When it comes to clothing, be sure to separate your clothes by season. You probably don’t want your winter coats hanging in your closet with your warmer-weather clothes in the middle of the summer—unless you’ve got a humungous closet that can fit anything and everything, in which case, go for it! But you’ll still want to separate your clothes according to season and dress code.


Now that all your clothes and non-essentials are in their appropriate places, you can begin the decoration process. Knick-knacks, flowers and vases, potted plants, framed pictures and art, sculptures, drapes and curtains, and all that fancy stuff that makes your home cozy and, well, homey­, are next to make their appearances all over the house. Of course, with these, for the purposes of efficiency, you’ll want to do the decorating room-by-room as well. There’s no sense in placing flowers on the kitchen table one minute and then a potted plant across the house in your bedroom the next!


Once you’ve completed decorating, your unpacking process should be totally finished. Of course, sometimes we forget some things, and that’s okay. Look over the house, check the moving truck, your car, or wherever else you may have some things, and be sure that there’s nothing else you want to move into the house. Whatever is left should be stuff going into storage. Whether that’s an attic, a unit, or a shed in the backyard, whatever you have left that isn’t staying in the main living areas should be headed to storage.


If you need a hand or two, or just a few supplies, let our experts handle your needs. Give the professional Boise movers All My Sons Moving & Storage a call today!