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How to Pack Your Moving Van

Whether you’re planning a move to Miami, within the city, or you’re moving away from the Magic City, it’s important to properly pack for your move. While most people understand how to pack their moving boxes, packing your truck or moving van is another story. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Miami, we offer the best services for moving in Miami. We’ve put together some tips to make your Miami move as easy as possible.

Put the Heaviest Items First

If you’re moving appliances, make sure to load the heaviest ones into the truck first. Chances are, your fridge, oven, washer, dryer, and other appliances will be the heaviest items you’re moving. Distribute the weight of your move properly by loading these items first.

Disassemble Furniture

After loading appliances for your move to Miami or move within Miami, it’s time to load your furniture onto the truck. Your Swedish furniture wasn’t meant to be moved again and again. Even higher quality furniture pieces that were delivered to your home assembled may be strained during a move. Consider disassembling pieces where this is possible, such as bed frames or more delicate tables. Disassembly helps ensure these items take up less space during your move while helping to prevent breaking.

Stack Boxes Properly

After appliances and furniture are loaded, it’s time to load your moving boxes. Make sure to stack the boxes properly when you’re moving in Miami. Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom and the lighter boxes on the top. This way, the weight is evenly distributed.

Wrap Everything Properly

A little plastic wrap, bubble wrap, or quilt padding can go a long way when it comes to your upcoming move. Properly wrapping your items helps to prevent damage during the move. This is why we’re sure to offer wrapping solutions for all our Miami relocation services.

Call the Professionals

Packing up for a Miami move can feel like a headache. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Miami, we offer the best in moving, packing, and Miami relocation services. If you’re looking for your easiest move possible, call on our team at All My Sons Moving & Storage Miami! From packing to loading and everything in between, we offer the best in moving services.


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