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How to Prevent Injuries While Moving

With your moving day just weeks away, you’re most likely completing important relocation tasks such as updating the address on your driver’s license, shopping for decorations for the new home, or forwarding your mail. However, your safety during the move most likely won’t cross your mind. It’s important to remain safe during the move to prevent injuries or any other delays. If you already have a pre-existing physical condition, then contact our Miami movers at All My Sons as we have the experience to safely move you into your new home.  Though, if you’re doing a DIY move to Miami, our expert movers can provide safety tips on how to prevent injuries while moving.

A Good Night’s Sleep

First things first: get some rest. One way to prevent injuries while moving is getting good night’s sleep of about seven to nine hours to maintain your energy level during the day of your move.1 You’re no use during your move to Miami if you’re fatigued throughout the day. Sure, you’ll want to cram in some last-minute packing the night before, however, getting a good night’s sleep is more important. Not getting your rest can lead to a rapid decline in energy on your moving day, increasing the likelihood of incurring serious injuries.

Dress for the Part

Since moving is strenuous activity, it’s important to dress appropriately to prevent injuries while moving. Wear breathable and comfortable clothing that won’t constrict your movements as you bend down and lift heavy objects. Avoid wearing clothing that is baggy or too big given that they cause you to trip, get snagged on something, or obstruct your movement. As for your feet, wear sturdy, non-slip boots or tennis shoes that help you maintain balance. Never wear open-toed or open-back shoes such as flip flops or sandals in order to prevent injuries to your feet.

Stretch as You Move

Bending down, carrying heavy boxes, loading the moving truck, and so on can lead to tight or pulled muscles and limbs, which makes you susceptible to injury. Prevent injuries while moving by keeping your body limber with various stretch routines. Starting the day with a Standing Side Stretch, Bound Angle, and Forward Hang 2 can help you remain flexible throughout your moving day. If you have a pre-existing injury, recruit other able-bodied family members and friends to help you move, or hire a professional moving company in Miami.

Safe Moving with All My Sons

Deciding to hire our moving company in Miami helps ensure the safety of you and your valuables for your move to South Florida. Selecting our relocation services means premium customer care and quality relocation services you can’t find anywhere else. For over twenty years, our licensed long-distance movers have helped families and businesses relocate across the country. Don’t wait, call us today for your free, no-obligation quote for your move to Miami.



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