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How to Make Moving Less Stressful

So, the big move is coming up. You’re stressing over this and that and the whole nine yards. From shutting off utilities in one place to packing boxes, putting them in a moving van, finally unpacking, and everywhere in between -- yikes -- it’s easy to feel in over your head!

Don’t worry yourself too much; it all doesn’t need to be as stressful as you’re making it out to be. We asked our All My Sons Moving & Storage Boynton Beach team for their insight on how to make a move less stressful.

How to Not Stress Over Moving

One of the first things you can do to reduce the overall stress of moving may be a slightly stressful task in itself. This recommendation is to get rid of the things you do not need. Our Atlantis movers always recommend going through all your items and throwing away or donating things that no longer serve their purpose in your home. Get rid of clothes you hardly ever wear, sell or give away old electronics, throw out all your trash, and sell the stuff you don’t really use.

An excessive amount of stuff can add extra, unnecessary moving stress, and it can cost extra money you don’t need to spend. -- why waste money and energy? 

Organize everything as best as you can. Whether your organization is room-by-room, by category, or as detailed as subcategories within rooms. Organization is a major key to moving. It makes everything so unbelievably easy, in comparison to simply tossing things in boxes and just moving.

Surviving a Move with Kids

If you’ve got children, they may be eager to help for about an hour or so; however, you may want to consider finding daycare for your kids. Organize some kind of plans for the little ones, whether that’s with an actual daycare center or with friends or family. Trust us; you will experience less stress moving if you know that the children are properly taken care of and out of the way.

For the teenagers not so willing to help, let them go hang out with friends, go see a movie, or gallivant about the mall. Whatever it is, they may not be as helpful as you’d like—let them go! This can save you an incredible amount of time.

Stress-Free Moves and Packing 

Get Help Moving!

Enlist the help of adult friends and/or family. If this isn’t possible, perhaps the best method of getting a few helping hands is to invest in Boynton Beach movers. All My Sons Moving & Storage employs experienced professional movers who will take great care when helping you move. Whether you need full service or partial service, our movers will take loads of stress off of your move. Movers are a great investment and the perfect solution to a stress-free move.

Plan Ahead of Time!

If you get a schedule lined up for the whole moving process, it will increase the efficiency of your move. Higher efficiency leads to less stress moving. Start creating an action plan as soon as you know you’re moving. Our Jupiter packers recommend using a moving checklist to keep all your affairs in order and the secret to experiencing stress-free moves and packing.

Protect and Keep Track of Your Valuables!

There’s nothing more stressful than losing valuables. Round-up all your valuables, make sure they’re in a safe place you can keep track of. Forgetting or losing valuables can cause a boatload of stress — this is not the boat on which you want to sail, so swab the decks of any problems by being sure your valuables are well taken care of. Our licensed and insured Greenacres movers recommend placing valuables in a properly-labeled box and having these items travel in your car rather than in the moving truck.

Our Hypoluxo team recommends taking breaks in between. We understand that the faster you start, the faster you’ll finish, but remember to take time to decompress and collect your thoughts. With our movers’ advice, you are well on your way to a stress-free move.

No more wondering how to make a move less stressful. Invest in the professional Boynton Beach movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to assist you in your move and be sure to utilize a moving checklist. We pride ourselves on creating stress-free moves and providing exceptional packing services for all our customers. Spend more time enjoying your new neighborhood and less time stressing over moving.

Call one of our representatives today for a free, no-obligation quote, and we will answer all your moving and packing questions! 

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