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Summer Activities in Denver

Most people would agree that summertime is the best time. The days are longer, it’s swimming pool season, and everything is so carefree. Kids are out of school, people go on vacation, and life is simply easy. The one drawback of having days upon days with nothing planned is that sometimes you get bored. You can only go to the pool so many times before you get burnt out on swimming. The good thing about living in Denver is that there is always something to do.

One thing that everyone should do at some point in their life is go to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It is an amphitheater that is nestled into an outcropping of rock about 10 miles from Denver. Countless numbers of superstars have performed there, and many say that it has the best acoustics of any place that they have ever performed. It is owned by the city and county of Denver, and is a major attraction for tourists and Denverites alike. During the summer tons of concerts are held at the amphitheater, for this is when the weather is perfect for concerts. There is every genre of music, every superstar, you will not be disappointed with the performers that make appearances this summer.

There are so many things to do during the summer in Denver, and most of them involve the great outdoors. On top of the numerous concerts that come to Denver, there are also tons of festivals. This summer there’s a chalk festival that takes place in Larimer Square. It is a festival dedicated to the unique art form that is sidewalk chalk art. It is a major hit. Then there is also the Capitol Hill People’s Fair. It draws more than 200,000 people to Denver to celebrate its cultural diversity and the community. It is all about local food vendors, live music, and all of the great things that Denver has to offer. Among these there is also a Renaissance Festival and Greek festival.

One thing that almost everyone enjoys is white water rafting. Seeing as Denver is located in the Rocky Mountains, there is plenty of white water rafting to be done. White water rafting is another thing that everyone should experience at some point in their life. Everyone needs to experience having that hippie white water raft guide that is such a character that you couldn’t make them up if you tried.

Not to mention all of the local things, like the community pools, parks, hiking trails, farmer’s markets, and more. Summertime is the best time, but it can get boring. This is not the case in Denver. With the perfect summer climate, and outdoor activities that you will never get bored with, there isn’t a better place to pass the summer months.