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Move to Denver - Why It’s One of the Fittest Cities in America

Health and fitness are on the rise.

There are many reasons why you’d want to move to Denver. It’s an exciting metropolis with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. If you are a health-minded person with a great love of fitness, especially outdoor workouts, Denver is the perfect place to move to.

Denver has been named one of America’s fittest cities multiple times. It has become a fitness-friendly haven for its residents. If a move to Denver is part of your plans, our Denver full-service movers are here to help. Until then, here are some reasons why Denver is one of the fittest cities in America.


The Rocky Mountains

A great reason to move to Denver - The Rockies are just a short drive away! The Rocky Mountains offer all-year outdoor physical activities. In warmer months, you can enjoy more miles of hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty. In the winter, the snowy slopes are great for skiing and snowboarding! If you want to enjoy nature without leaving the city, go to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge to see native species including American bison and bald eagles.


The Colorado River

If you have time for the 30-minute drive, a trip to the Colorado River is worth it. The river presents a great opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of Colorado, as well as thrilling whitewater rafting! Guided trips of varying difficulty levels are offered. Going through the rapids is a great family activity and a powerful upper-body workout.


Urban Public Parks

When you move to Denver, you’ll realize that as much as it is a glass skyscraper metropolis, it is also a city full of natural green space. The city is home to 250 urban parks that make up nearly 6,000 acres of green space. Many of these parks offer many different and fun fitness opportunities. Fitness organizations and gyms often organize group exercise events (like running or outdoor yoga) where people can enjoy a great workout with others. Some unique places include Cherry Creek Trail at Confluence Park, which is right in the middle of downtown Denver and a favorite of runners and cyclists. Break a sweat at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Red Rocks park by running up and down the stairs in the shadow of natural rock formations.

So, if you think of yourself as a health nut, and if exercise and outdoor physical activity is part of your daily life, consider moving to Denver, Colorado. If you are planning a move, contact the Denver full-service movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to find out how we make sure you have a smooth and stress-free move.