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Easy Mornings in a Busy House

If you live in a busy household, you know that most mornings are full of running around and rushing to gather everything together to get the ball rolling. Having to get ready to take the kids to school, make sure everyone has lunch or lunch money, and all of their necessary belongings are hefty tasks in themselves. Fortunately, All My Sons Moving & Storage, the top Aurora moving company, has the best organizational tips and hacks to make your busy mornings a pleasant breeze.

Create cubbies and label them with the days of the week. Inside each cubby, put your children’s outfit inside. This way, when they wake up in the morning they have their outfit ready for them to put on instead of it being a daily struggle to find something that matches. Most children get excited to run to their cubbies in the morning, and can stick to a routine such as this one. Make sure you look at the weather for the week to coordinate the outfits with the forecast.

Make a list of task to do for the first thing in the morning. These tasks include, brush teeth, get dressed, brush hair, make bed, eat breakfast, and gather backpack and school accessories. You can create this list on a white board, or you can make flip up chore chart. The Aurora moving company’s idea of a flip up chore chart is when the flap is down, it says the chore. When completed, flip the chore up. When the flap is flipped up, the card reads “Done”.

Leave backpacks by the front door, and make sure they are prepacked. When your children have their backpacks packed and ready to go, all you have to do is grab them and run out of the house. You can have them pack their backpacks as a routine activity before they go to bed at night.

Make sure lunches are packed before going to bed, as well. The Aurora moving company agrees that life is so much easier, and the house is much less hectic when all you have to do is open the refrigerator and grab a lunchbox, without having to worry about taking supplies out to put together a healthy lunch.

Set a timer with the allotted amount of time that your kids will need to get ready and get going in the morning. Set it for a certain amount of minutes every morning and play a game to see which ones can beat the clock.

Put a note right by the front door that states everything you need to make sure you are all remembering before you leave the house. The Aurora moving company suggests writing backpack, lunches, keys, wallet, and phone.

One you have gotten into the car and are on the way to school, the Aurora moving company says to give everyone a high five! You have successfully made it out of the house stress-free. Once you get your children into the routine, your mornings will be as easy as pie.