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Choosing a College in Denver

It is well known that Denver is an exciting up and coming place. It is chocked full of young people that are trying their hand at being young professionals, and they are doing a good job at it. The economy of Denver is booming, the people are thriving, and it’s overall an exciting place to live. When you’re looking to go to college, what more could you ask for? It really doesn’t get any better than that, until you look at all of the different educational opportunities offered in Denver. There is the typical community college for people that choose to go down that path, and then there is the small private school that has some religious affiliations, and then there is the large public university. No matter what your preference there is a school for you.

The Community College of Denver is your typical community college. It serves the students that either cannot, or do not want to attend larger universities. CCD makes a college education affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone, and that is an incredible opportunity. The mascot is the CityHawk because, “every CCD student is like a hawk, free to fly, choosing their own path, and acquiring experience and maturity in the process.” When an education is made affordable and accessible to everyone, more people invest in their futures.

For those people that don’t want to attend a community college and don’t want to attend a big public school, Regis University is the school for you. It does have strong ties to the Catholic Church, but you don’t have to be Catholic to attend. Regis University has been ranked among the best colleges and universities for the past 19 years by U.S. News & World Report. They put a strong emphasis on not only bettering their students through education and opportunity, but also by giving back to the community. All in all, a great school.

And then there are those students that want the big public university experience. For those students, Metropolitan State University of Denver. It is a public university that serves thousands of students in the Denver area. With a mascot like Rowdy the Roadrunner it’s easy to see why 22,000 students call MSU home. In a time where attending college can put you so far into debt that it’s hard to see the light of day, attending a school that offers a quality education at an affordable rate is oftentimes underestimated.

Going to college is a scary and exciting time. Choosing the right school can be even scarier and even more exciting. Denver has everything you could ask for in terms of a good city, let alone having a plethora of quality colleges and universities to attend. Moving to Denver for college is a smart move that will place you in a growing hub of educated professionals.