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The Right Way to Unpack Your Home After Moving

The act of moving can be stressful, with all the boxes you have to move and transport to your new location. Our Fort Collins movers are ready to help you move into your new home. But what happens once our movers leave? When it’s time to unpack, where do you start? Our team wants to share the best way to unpack in a new home to make your unpacking process a smooth one.

How to Unpack After Moving

The key to a successful move is organization. The same goes for a stress-free unpacking experience. Creating a plan is the best way to keep track of where you are in your unpacking process and make sure that you don’t spend too much time in one area. Trust our local movers in Fort Collins to teach you the best way to unpack a new home!

Know What Boxes You Are Unpacking

With so many boxes, it is hard to determine where to exactly start. Our Fort Collins movers recommend planning what boxes you’re going to unpack first. We recommend that you start with the essentials. All the boxes with items you will need right away to get settled in, like blankets, bathroom items, and clothing, are a great place to start before unpacking anything else.

Next, we recommend that you take the unpacking process room by room.

Unpacking the Kitchen

The first room you should start with is the kitchen because you will certainly be hungry after completing a move. Take out only what you need, some small appliances to cook with. Pots, pans, and silverware should also be unpacked.

Unpacking the Bedroom

If you are not too tired, the next room you will want to unpack is the bedroom. Maybe this is just an air mattress for now, or our team of movers has assembled your furniture for you. Either way, you should find your bedroom boxes and start unpacking.

If you move with your family, the job can get done twice as fast if you have everyone start unpacking their room. This will help get your new house feeling like home in no time. 

Leave Storage for Last

This should be your last box and room. Wherever your designated storage room is, put all the remaining boxes in there. Unpack this room after everyone has settled or when you need a certain item out of a box. Our Colorado movers recommend that you keep everything organized -- label, label, label! We cannot stress that enough. You don’t want to stress about having left something behind at the old location.

Just remember that our full-service moving company can help you unpack your rooms after moving. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we have years of experience. Contact us today for a free moving quote to start an easy move to Fort Collins.