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 “Go West, young man, go West,” these famous words were spoken by our founder Horace Greeley, who made the impossible possible. Known today as the most successful colonization attempt ever created under the name “Great American Desert,” the city of Greeley was born - and out came the town known for the ideal location where natural beauty and growing transportation were abundant. Sugar, beets, corn, and onion were all made possible on this newly irrigated farmland. Advances were made, and additional sources grew. The town of Greeley is booming with business, arts, events and is the home base of the University of Northern Colorado.

When you move to Greely, you can see the residents practicing the principles that the town was born on: cooperation, education, and family. Our Fort Collins relocation services make it easy to call Greeley home. Let’s examine why our movers in Greeley, CO, call their home one of the best cities in Northern Colorado.

Things to Do in Greeley

Further Your Education

Education is essential when deciding on a new place to live, but Greeley is strong with recent advances in education, promising its residents options at both private and public schools. You will also be happy to hear and breathe, knowing that 84% of the residents who live in Greeley do not partake in smoking.


History junkies can reunite when you move to Greeley. Your children will be amazed when they visit the Colorado Model Railroad Museum, a specialty museum with artifacts and a huge 3D model railroad exhibit, and a perfect place for your children to have fun while learning firsthand how Greeley came to be.

Hiking Trails

Our movers in Fort Collins also recommend getting in your exercise and enjoying the nature of the Poudre River Trail. The river trail is 12 miles long and has small lakes and holding ponds. The urban trail also has many other parks and recreation sites along the way, so your options are always open if you want to try something new.

Museums and trails are just a few things you must do when you visit Greeley, but locals will tell you once you stop in, you will want to move there permanently. Our movers in Greeley, CO, are here to make that possible by offering our services to you and doing it with a smile.

Best Northern Colorado Movers

Greeley relocation services are offered here, whether you are traveling long-distance or coming from a local community. Our Fort Collins local movers have been trained thoroughly in navigating the routes and knowing the area, bringing local expertise to your move. Plus, our professional movers are always licensed and insured to handle your valuables. These are invaluable things to consider if you’re still trying to choose between hiring a professional moving company or a DIY move.

Go forth with your education and provide your family with a chance to make a name for themselves in this go-getter town. Our Fort Collins corporate movers can pack and unpack or move your employees, as well.

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Greeley, Northern Colorado, we say what our founding father would have spoken years ago. “Go West, young man, go West.”  Contact us today and receive a free, no-obligation quote.