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Professional Movers Vs. DIY Movers

DIY or Pros? The long-debated question continues, and now you must make a choice.

Should you round up a bunch of friends to help you move, or should you hire a group of professionals? You probably know which answer your friends would give to this question – just go with the pros. You’re still stuck, though.

Here, your movers in Fort Collins have laid out the pros and cons in the battle of professional movers vs. DIY movers.

DIY Movers


The most obvious benefit of moving yourself is the money. You will probably save a decent amount of money by completing the process yourself and enlisting people in your life to help. With this, you won’t have to pay those oftentimes high and confusing moving fees, and you won’t have to worry about unknowingly going over budget. You are in control of the financials.

From this, you’re also more in control of the process itself. You can use the materials you want and pack your belongings the way you want. You don’t have to adhere to a predetermined schedule or cooperate with people you aren’t familiar with during your move. DIY moving is ideal for you if you fancy yourself a control-freak.


While these benefits seem significant, there are some glaring drawbacks of DIY moving, too. For one, you will have to do all the heavy-lifting, opening up the opportunity for injuring to furniture and to yourself, as well. With this, when things are damaged, the responsibility is on you to replace or repair the belongings.

Also, the process becomes much more stressful when you decide to take it on your own because you aren’t a professional mover with experience and knowledge in the moving industry.

Professional Movers


The pros of hiring pros are countless. Professional movers complete the process much faster and more efficiently than your friends or family ever could. They do this for a living, so they have their methods down to a science. There are fewer problems, and damaged items are even covered under liability insurance.

The best benefit of hiring professional movers like your movers in Fort Collins is that you get to stress less. With professionals taking care of the heavy-lifting of the move-in process, you can relax and learn to enjoy the excitement and thrill of moving to your new home.


Though this is true, hiring professionals still comes with a negative side-affect: the money. Moving with professionals may cost you more money than DIY moving, and with this, you must be smart about who you hire. Sometimes, companies disguise special services with higher fees only for you to realize once the process is complete and your bill is ready to be paid.

Considering all of this, the battle continues as to whether DIY moving or hiring professionals is truly more worth it. Who will win? The choice is yours. If you decide to go with the professionals, contact your movers in Colorado who will be thrilled to help you with your move.

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