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Denver's Top Schools

For families, part of moving with children is knowing where exactly to move to in order for your child to be zoned for a great school. Denver is packed with high-rated public, private, and charter schools, but choosing is up to you and your child. In order to help speed up the selection process for you and your family, All My Sons Moving & Storage Denver has a list of Denver’s Top Schools as reported by GreatSchools. GreatSchools is a site that ranks schools across the nation by parent reviews, the amount of awards, curriculum offered, as well as many other factors. Since GreatSchools’ highest rating is out of 10, here are the Denver schools with a ranking of 10 on their scale.

Challenge School – 10 – Located in the Cherry Creek School District No. 5 in Arapah County, Challenge School is an international baccalaureate that ranges from Pre-K through eighth grade.

Cory Elementary School – 10 – Cory Elementary School won the Governor’s Award in 2014, as well as the John Irwin Award for Excellent Academic Achievement in 2014.

Steck Elementary School – 10 – Steck Elementary School is a Denver public school located on Ash Street.

Steele Elementary School – 10 – Located on South Marion Parkway in Denver, Steele Elementary School has a bonus of Spanish curriculum.

Slavens K-8 School – 10 – This K-8 school in Denver is located off of South Clayton Street and ranks the highest on our list for sports.

Denver School of the Arts – 10 – Denver School of the Arts is located off Montview Boulevard and has an honors track, as well as advanced placement (AP) courses. As an arts school, Denver School of the Arts ranks the highest in Denver for art outlets such as opera, music theory, dance, drama, poetry, ceramics, painting, and media arts. This school does so many amazing things, their performances are a favorite among locals and Denver movers.

Denver School of Science and Technology: Stapleton High School – 10 – The only public charter school on our list, and the only one that is said to have a college acceptance rate of 100%. Denver School of Science and Technology is one of the local schools that comes highly recommended by Denver movers for parents with high schoolers who are looking for more of a technologically based curriculum. They also have the core classes necessary to graduate and attend college. Since Denver and Boulder are packed with startups in the tech industry, the curriculum offered at this Denver charter comes unmatched.


After selecting a school, visit the GreatSchools website in order to find homes for sale in the neighborhood that is zoned for the specific school you are interested in. This is a great tool for families who are relocating to Denver, make sure to take advantage of it!