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Top 5 Organizing Fails

Moving into a new home brings plenty of opportunity to finally have that neatly organized and orderly home you always wished you had. Chances are, after being in your old home for a certain amount of time, it got harder and harder to keep everything organized. These invaluable moving tips on what not to do when organizing your new home, will ensure that those piles of clutter don’t reappear!

  1. Too Clean. Keeping your counters too clean will only end up making you take longer to get things done in the long run. Items that you use every day – for example, your toaster if you make toast every morning for breakfast – need a spot on the counter. It is much less of a hassle when keeping things clean, if you have what you need in a specific spot.
  2. Full Refrigerator. We are all guilty of it, hanging every single wedding invite and photo we receive on our refrigerator, along with every magnet gifted to us or collected on vacations. This can not only prove to be a massive eye sore for you and your guests, it will also make your kitchen look infinitely more cluttered than it really is. Don’t allow the outside of your refrigerator to completely take over the look and feel of your new home – instead keep one notepad hung up on your kitchen wall and write down all important dates, lists and reminders that you need.
  3. Overwhelming Shelving. While clear cabinets may look great when going from one open house to another, in day – to – life they can prove difficult to keep organized. If all of your dishes are just thrown in there at random, your kitchen will end up inadvertently looking much more disorganized and cluttered than it really is. Prevent this from happening by adding fabric or contact paper inside; this way, you are more likely to keep your dishes organized.
  4. Packing Cabinets. Do yourself a favor: before packing and moving every single item in your kitchen, first take the time to go through and decide what you really need. The last thing that you want to do when moving into your new home, is to bring the clutter from your old house with you. Before packing, ask yourself how much you really use each item. If you decide that you never really use it, then it is time to let it go.
  5. Unused Entryway. While the entryway of your home is usually reserved for hanging up coats, kicking your shoes off, and throwing down your backpack – it can easily turn into a cluttered nightmare. Transform your entryway into an organizer’s dream, by rearranging your coat closet in the entryway so your kids can easily hang their things. Also, add a basket right next to the door where everyone can put their shoes. That way, they won’t end up scattered around the doorway where people can trip.