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When and How to Tip Movers

All My Sons wants to help you tip your movers the right way during your next move.

You have put your trust into a Denver moving company to execute your move. You are trusting the safety of your belongings to a group of movers that you likely have never met before and are hopeful that they do a good job. Determining when to tip movers can be a tricky situation, but our team of qualified Denver movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help!


Moving is serious business. An excellent Denver moving company should be there for you for anything you need, and their staff of movers should exude the same level of quality service when they are loading at your home. You should never tip if you are not satisfied with the level of service you received. Movers do not expect tips but are especially grateful if they receive one.


Before you tip, make sure you’ve talked to the moving company to ask their policy on tipping. You don’t want to offer a tip to your moving team that puts them in an uncomfortable position. Remember that your movers are only receiving a fraction of what you are paying for the move, so if they do a great job, it is thoughtful to tip them for their dedication.


If you decide that you will tip your movers, make sure you give the money to them in person, don’t add a tip to the final bill. Tipping on top of the bill means the tip has to go through their accounting department and it could take months for the movers to see the money. Also, make sure you tip each mover individually, not just the foreman, to make sure that the money gets to everyone. This will show that you appreciate each mover’s hard work and avoids any issues with the foreman not distributing the money around.


Many people treat their movers to lunch in return for their hard work. If you do, choose something other than pizza, as that is what many people get for their movers. Ask your movers what kind of food they like to eat, or order sandwiches to thank them for their help. It is also great to have water and other drinks on hand for your movers during the day in case they are thirsty. Just avoid rewarding your movers with a beer at the end of the day. Your Denver moving company likely has a policy against their movers drinking on the job or accepting alcohol as a tip.


Figuring out when to tip movers can be tricky, but it is all about your experience. Remember that your movers do not expect a tip, so if they do a poor job or do not meet your expectations, you do not owe them anything. But, if they do a great job, our Denver movers hope these suggestions on best tipping practices are helpful.