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6 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Denver


One of the things about moving is that it creates the opportunity for new adventures and experiences. There’s a certain anticipation that comes with interacting with the locale, dining in city specific restaurants and exploring a new environment. This compilation of tips and things to know from All My Sons Denver movers will aid in assisting anyone thinking about moving to Denver.

1.The Ski Resorts

What tourists find so attractive in Denver is its proximity to the ski resorts. Denver is only 75 miles away from fresh snow and steep slopes, making it the perfect destination to relocate to for adrenaline enthusiasts.

 2. Denver Has a Huge Sports Fan Base

One of the concerns that the Denver Movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage sees often is whether the city our customers are moving to has a good sports team. While everyone isn’t a sports fanatic, there are those individuals who place a lot of stake in being able to watch the local team compete week in and week out. Fortunately, moving to Denver offers these opportunities to its population. The Denver Broncos are only a year removed from their 3rd NFL Super bowl championship and are beloved by the city and its diehard fans. The city is also quite fond of its competitive NBA, NHL and MLB teams in the Nuggets, Avalanche and The Rockies.

3. Assortment of Breweries

Beer lovers moving to Denver will appreciate the fact that Colorado is home to 230 breweries, making it a haven for craft beer lovers. Each fall, Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival with 400 of the top beer crafters from around the nation. Festival attendees are able to sample over 1,800 different craft beers.

4. Recreational Marijuana

Those who enjoy partaking in the occasional puff of marijuana will find that Denver is the best place to do so. As the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, Colorado attracts tourists from all over. Although Denver is not a free for all city for marijuana use, residents can find a level of comfort in knowing that Denver affords the liberty to purchase and consume marijuana that other cities don’t currently have.

5. Low Property Taxes

Easily one of the most beneficial reasons for moving to Denver is taking advantage of the significantly low property taxes. Colorado has some of the lowest residential property taxes in the country, with an average effective rate of just 0.63%. With those numbers, the average homeowner is paying around 1% of their home’s value in taxes annually. That alone makes Denver attractive.

6. Beautiful Weather

Though many people associate Denver with being snowy and cold, the reality is that the weather is quite lovely. There’s a myth that there are 300 sunny days in Denver, however it truly is very nice for most of the year with snowfall lasting only a short period of time. This makes it easy for our Denver movers to get you settled into your new home with no pressure!